Video Monetization and advertisement integration in YouTube Clone App

Video-sharing platforms are becoming prevalent in the video industry. Because there 

are more content creators already online and many are striving to become one to earn through video monetization. 

Yes, people share their content on a video-sharing platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. to monetize their content. Because that video hosting platform provides them with extensive monetization options.

Hence the Video hosting platform is in need of creators and creators are in need of a dedicated platform to monetize their content. This demand made many startups start their own Video hosting platform and business surrounding that. An integral part of their video hosting business is software development i.e they need to develop a popular video hosting platform like YouTube. Integrated with attractive monetization features to increase their user base.

So for their rescue, a YouTube clone App has come to the scene

What is Youtube Clone App?

Youtube clone App is exact replica of the prominent video-sharing platform YouTube that possesses features and works exactly like YouTube. This will be offered by the leading service provider in the market for businesses who want to develop their video hosting platform. Startups can buy this clone and customize it according to their business needs. So that it won’t affect their brand uniqueness and presence.

Why Youtube Clone App is the best choice?

Just because the YouTube clone is a replica of Youtube, we can’t completely frame it as a copy clone. It is more than that. This clone possesses additional features that YouTube doesn’t have and we can say it is an improved version of YouTube

  • Convenient payment options are in the YouTube clone 
  • Clone is built with the high-end Tech stacks
  • It can be tailored to the business needs
  • Simpler, easy, affordable, and takes less time to go live
  • Quick Growth and high returns can be achieved
  • Feature-enriched platform to make it the best place for users, admins, and content creators

And most importantly, it possesses extensive video monetization features that YouTube possesses and does not possess.

Video Monetization features of the YouTube clone App

There are myriad features for the creators to monetize their content on the YouTube clone app. They are listed below


This is the foremost form of monetization in the clone App. The content creators can earn from renting their video space to advertisers. These Ads will be displayed either at the start or in the middle or at the end of the video. If the creator consistently posts unique content and has a solid user base, advertisers will reach them automatically to put advertisements on the channel for good prices.

Subscription for channel

Creators can put their channel behind the subscription charge i.e. the user who sees their channel has to pay a fee either monthly or yearly. The price that the channel sets for the subscription comes under the platform policy. This monetization method will work greater only after the channel created a constant user base and fan following for itself.

Premium Subscription

This premium subscription is for the whole video platform. Users can see the content of all creators without ads. When the user of a premium subscription sees the content of the specific channel, the channel will also get a cut from the subscription.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is something the creator will promote the product and services of their clients through their channel. For every conversion made by the channel i.e. for every product that got sold, the channel owner will receive a part.

Pay-per-view- model

Any exclusive or premium content of the channel can be integrated into the pay-per-view model. User has to pay to see that exclusive content every time. This monetization method is an optimal choice for the channel with a high fan following. Also, this feature intrigue users more than the unlocked content.

Business Development

Youtube clone App provides shopping monetization for small business to reach their audiences in different locations. Businesses can directly sell their product, can teach anything, and can coach any type of skills to their audiences. Hence, the YouTube clone app can be the best place for increasing the reach of small businesses. 

Influencer Marketing

Channels can do influencer marketing where they will have a contract with the brands and promote it through their channel. Influencer marketing is a long process and a journey with the brands where the channel will receive payment for generating leads, high traffic, conversion, and sales.

Super Features of the Livestream

YouTube clone offers some attractive monetization features like Super Sticker, Super chat, and Super thanks. When the channel is going on live, its fans can buy super stickers and pin them in comments to show their gratitude to the celebrity. In the same sense, super chat and super thanks will also work. Super chat is to pin the user’s comment and Super thanks is to buy the Gifs.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the list of video monetization features in the YouTube clone App. Since the platform’s motive is to engage the creators and give them a convenient platform to deliver quality content, a Youtube clone is built with these lucrative monetization features.

So, startups can buy this YouTube clone app from All in One Cluster without any hesitation to welcome a good deal of creators and users.

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