Where to find the best graffiti mystery box?

graffiti mystery box, as the name suggests, is a mystery box full of graffiti merchandise. Usually, you will find things like markers, stickers, keychains, paint cans, and other collectibles in the box. Most places sell them for $25 or more, depending upon the number of items in the box. Having tried several places, I can confidently say that of the best places to get a graffiti mystery box is madbomr.com.

They do a monthly subscription where you can get 4-6 graffiti items like markers, paint pens, mops, mini spray cans, etc., delivered every month in a mystery box with free shipping. You can get these as a gift for a friend or try them out for yourself. If you send it as a gift for a friend, you can also include a personalized message.

Every package has a featured artist and a 4×6 print of their artwork on sticker paper, which can be placed in your black book. Here is a look at their recently delivered mystery pack from December 2022:

  1. Madbomr mini dumpster
  2. Art primo mop – assorted colors
  3. Montana mini spray can
  4. Bullet marker – assorted colors
  5. Empty paint pen
  6. Zig marker – assorted
  7. A1 Rusto adapter
  8. Assorted stickers
  9. Four assorted caps
  10. Madbomr backpack

All this for just $25! To subscribe to madbomr.com, visit the website homepage and select the option to subscribe.

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