What Does Best Pet Friendly Rehab in California Have To Offer You?

Pets are a large part of many people’s lives. They’re family members, business partners, and several other roles. As a result, finding the right rehabilitation center that is pet friendly and allows your pet to stay with you during your drug addiction treatment can be challenging. We at Gratitude Lodge offer the Best Pet-Friendly Rehab that California has to offer.

While many rehabs in California offer pet-friendly therapies, each person who walks through our doors comes here with a different story, a different set of goals, and different perspectives on what sobriety means to them. Therefore, we offer a non-traditional approach that allows each of our clients to receive the necessary tools to succeed in their recovery.

What Can Your Pet Expect From The Best Pet-Friendly RehabCentre?

  1. We have a short-stay program to help fill your pet’s void while you are gone. Your pet will be able to enjoy its stay at Gratitude Lodge, and we can schedule appointments for your pet’s routine checkups, teeth cleanings, and other treatments which provide for the overall good health of your pets.
  1. Our On-Site Veterinarian is experienced with many different animals. She is also very knowledgeable and caring regarding pain medications, antibiotics, and other types of treatment available to provide your pet with the best possible care.
  1. Our staff provides a lot of love and care for every animal in our facility. No two animals are treated the same, and we treat them as if they are our own.
  1. Our Best Pet-Friendly Rehab staff offers hands-on therapy sessions, which allows your pet to receive some of the care you weren’t able to give them while in treatment. These sessions can be therapeutic for your pet and help promote positive behaviors in their daily lives.
  1. All animals receive much love and attention from our staff. We provide them with plenty of food, comfortable bedding, water access, and time to enjoy their stay with us.

What did We do For Your Pet in Our Best Pet-Friendly Rehab?

Our clients can keep their pets in the Best Pet-Friendly Rehab center with them during their stay. That makes it much easier for everyone involved. Your pet isn’t alone, and the staff can help tend to the animal’s needs and provide them with plenty of care. In addition, it is easier for your pet to adjust if they are in a familiar environment.

It allows the handlers to do things they can’t do at home. Much like their human counterparts, our pets can develop some bad habits. It is especially true when we feel stressed or under too much pressure. We might get angry with our dogs and yell at them, get upset and ignore them for days on end, or shut down emotionally after a hard day at work. The list goes on. It can lead to separation anxiety issues which are common among animals. We use this as an opportunity to help our pets learn new behaviors and combat those bad habits which might not have been dealt with before.

We offer freedom for your pet, every animal gets plenty of attention, regulations are followed, and there is a higher level of supervision than you would find in other rehabs.

What Are The Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Rehab?

1. We are incredibly affordable.

The price you pay is based on your situation and your financial standing. That means that regardless of the amount of time you will be staying or the amount of money you have available, we can come up with a plan which fits what you have available to take care of your drug addiction, get yourself into drug rehab treatment, and stay in therapy for as short or as long as needed.

2. Our programs are all-inclusive.

Our Best Pet-Friendly Rehab systems work to support you. Whether you are just starting recovery or looking to stay clean and sober in your lifetime, we offer a program with you and your pet in mind.

3. We provide a 24/7 facility for your pets with no downtime.

Your pet will not be away from you during their stay here at the facility unless they undergo particular treatment or therapy with us.

4. We can provide you with a customized plan for your individual needs and situation.

Each client has their situation, and we tailor our programs and treatments to match that individual situation.


Gratitude Lodge offers the best pet-friendly rehab to help you and your pet leave your addiction behind. Our non-traditional approach to treatment provides our clients with the tools they need to succeed in their recovery. Allowing our clients to keep their pets with them while they are in treatment makes it much easier for everyone involved.

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