How to decorate a workplace that sends positive vibes

5 Office Decor Ideas That Have Positive Effects On Employees' Productivity  - ChargeSpot

Our workplace is a place where we tend to spend maximum time apart from our homes. It is the place that serves as our abode when we work hard towards earning our income. For most of us, this is the reason why this place is sacred because this is the place from where we earn our daily bread and butter. If something were to happen to it, our lives would be disrupted from normalcy.

Therefore, it is very important that we take care of the place we work in and organize it in such way so that it not just calms us down but also increases our productivity. A space which has negative vibes affects the human brain and drains your energy which you could otherwise spend doing something more useful. Hence, one should strive towards making their workplace a place which is brimming with positivity. Here are a few ways to decorate your workspace in order to increase the positive vibes.

Good Lighting

Apart from artwork about space adequate lighting in your workplace is imperative to boost your productivity. Allow enough natural light or brighten up the workspace in order to feel awake and ready to dive into work. Having dim light can make you feel drowsy and impede your workflow. Low lighting can also cause you to strain your eyes and cause fatigue.Therefore invest in some good lighting in order to feel charged and motivated as soon as you enter your workplace.


Adding greenery to your workspace adds an element of freshness. A study has revealed that adding greenery to the workspace contributed to the positive energy of the space. Workers claimed to feel less tensed and anxious when plants were added to their workspace. Therefore, one should have live plants in the workspace that are easy to take care of. They clean the air around you and increases your creativity at work.


Certain colours are thought to be more beneficial for workplace productivity than others. One should not opt for multiple colours on the wall since they can be very distracting. Colours like blue on the walls have been known to stimulate the mind whereas the colour yellow has been associated with increasing creativity. Other colours that you can choose from are purple, orange and green for they have been known to have positive psychological benefits that can definitely improve the mood at your workplace.


Staying organized is one of the key facts to stay focused at work. A cluttered desk results in a sluggish mind. Research has pointed out the fact that full time employees who are not organized spend a lot of time searching for things that are lost in their cluttered desk. A cluttered desk thus can lead to reduced productivity. Make sure to invest in good organizers to keep your office space neat and clean so that you can work with an open mind.

Personalize your space

A person spends time at their workplace for at least 5 days a week and therefore personalizing the space according to their taste will make them feel more at ease. You can choose to put up a few family photos to remind you of your loved ones or your favourite artwork in order to boost positivity. The depiction of space in art work is one of the most popular paintings that can be hung on the wall in an office space because it lowers stress levels and uplifts the mood. In addition to this it adds an element of fantasy to the workplace which boosts the creativity of the people working in that space.

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