Unbalanced body? Restore balance with Chinese herbal medicine

With an emphasis on avoiding the onset of disease, Chinese medicine searches for underlying patterns of disharmony. Traditional herbal remedies are modernized by Radical Roots for use today. Chloe Weber, L.Ac, MSOM, is my guest on this edition of Bulletproof Radio. She is a certified acupuncturist and herbalist as well as the co-founder and CEO of Radical Roots Herbs.

The potency of full spectrum CBD and TCM herbs are combined in Chloe’s herbal compositions, making them incredibly special. CBD has a direct relationship with our endocannabinoid system and naturally synergizes with our body. Our body’s immune cells all contain endocannabinoid receptors in full. We discuss CBD’s potent health advantages (particularly when paired with herbs) and the reasons they are frequently misunderstood and overused.

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She is on a quest to popularize Chinese herbology and introduce traditional medicine to the contemporary setting. This episode will teach you a lot, I can assure you of that. Chloe has modified conventional formulae to treat ailments individuals are facing today by using what has been proven effective through thousands of years of Chinese medicine practice.

In Chinese medicine, Chloe explains, “we’re looking at the dynamic interaction of the body, rather than having a one-to-one link between a symptom and a remedy.” So, we consider the body to be a microcosm of the larger universe. Everything that we observe in nature serves as a metaphor for how the body functions.

She adds, “The same as with plants. We carefully examine the entire plant and how it interacts with the body. Then, rather than utilizing just one herb, we’re combining many herbs to make a formula that will allow us to target both the symptoms and the base of the problem, allowing us to effectively treat the underlying causes of any health problems.

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Chloe became interested in medicine and public health after learning that she had cutaneous leishmaniasis as a teenager. She studied ecology and evolutionary biology in college, which helped her to comprehend how illnesses develop as well as the close relationship between people and their environment. She was intrigued to use Chinese medicine to solve challenges with public health.

She studied at Heilongjiang University Hospital in Harbin, China, and received a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine while there. Chloe co-founded a walk-in, non-profit Chinese herb clinic in Denver that offered sliding-scale fees before finally converting to a private practice.

She became deeply interested in functional medicine there and helped form Radical Roots.

There have been startling similarities in her work with patients.

As a physician and a person, I’ve seen a lot that the stomach is really the cornerstone of health, and that’s one unique part about Chinese medicine that I appreciate, Chloe adds. The main tenet of this school of thinking is that digestion is the source of all disease as well as the source of all health and vigor. In addition, she has used Chinese medicines to treat her son’s health, and she has done considerable integrative neurology research. Remy was identified at the age of two and a half with STXBP1, a genetic disease that affects one in 20 million people. If your child has a hereditary condition that affects one in every 20 million people and is named after the faulty gene, Chloe explains, “you know you’re in a shitshow.”

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