Top 10 Popular Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Oh! She exclaimed and asked, “Are there really coloring pages for adult activities? Why haven’t I heard about adults coloring pages before?” Well, just like she asked, there are so many  people who aren’t aware that adult coloring pages exist. Truth be told, coloring activities aren’t for only kids but also add value and enhance development in adults.

In recent times, adults coloring pages have really become popular. Many adults even participate in coloring activities with their kids at home or even alone.

There are numerous benefits of coloring pages for adults which are; relaxes the brain and make it function well. It is an art and therapeutic activity, improvement of hand-eye coordination and motor skills, enhancing mindfulness and awareness, improvement of focus and concentration, enabling sound and sleep and reducing anxiety.

  1. Calm Down and Don’t Give Up coloring pages

This is an adult coloring page that is ideal for adults going through difficult situations or having a stressful time. It can serve as a source of affirmation, encouragement and the attitude to get up and do it at all times. It is a page with bold letters and can be colored in different shades as desired. The phrases resonate positivity, upliftment, impact and give off great vibes. The beautiful calligraphy represented in the coloring pages is one that will appeal to any adults. So, if you are feeling low and stressed out, take out your coloring tools and let these positive words relieve you. Calm down and don’t give up!

  1. Beautiful Women coloring pages

This adult coloring page features many wonderful images that will appeal to women. It showcases gorgeous designs of women,  fashionable trends, gorgeous dresses and headgears as well as stylish hair. It is a chance to color  a majestic image of a woman in beautiful and vibrant  traditional attires. You can use bright colors to bring it into limelight or can select colors as desired to create a masterpiece. Use your imagination to create and have fun while at it. Get started!

  1. Flower Mandala coloring pages

This is a coloring page that depicts nature at its finest. Adults can color nature through flower mandala pages that gives them images of different kinds of flowers. Of course, the structures of the images seem complicated but the designs are captivating. Are you interested in having nature on paper, relieving stress, clearing your mind and having a good time? Get these mandala coloring pages and get to work now!

  1. Lion: Brave Hearts coloring pages

There is a possibility that as an adult, you have watched the movie titled, “Lion King”. Lions are symbols of majestic bravery, fearlessness as well as boldness no matter the situation. This printable coloring pages is for the brave who believe they can be as brave as the Lions when faced with challenges. This coloring page encourages adults who are in need of finding courage and the values of a brave person. Let your imagination run wild and color the images to have the exact looks of  the animal in the jungle. Get it done!

  1. Patterns Coloring Pages

Pattern involves the duplication of different shapes, sizes, position, color and symmetry.  Pattern printable coloring pages are good for adults to build their cognitive abilities. It is a valuable coloring tool to help them understand and recognise patterns in their daily activities. Examples of these printable coloring pages include; mandala, geometric, circle and many more. Get your patterns and color!

  1. Mother and Child coloring pages

As humans, we are aware that the sight of a mother and child is fascinating. These adult coloring pages bring lovely memories to adults. The coloring sheet reflects the love of a mother for her children. The images feature the mother and the child as the former looks tenderly at the latter. There is no doubt that mother and child bonding starts from the womb and even until they grow older. Mothers are basically the first interactions and caregivers of kids. They ensure that they meet all the needs of the child.  This understanding and bond grows stronger with time as the mother gives warmth and affection when needed. The images depict the bond that exists between mothers and their children and the sacrifices made to make the latter happy. This will make adults express their love and appreciation by giving the images the appropriate colors. So, express your love through colors!

  1. Nature’s Beauty coloring pages

Who doesn’t love the beauty of nature? Nature has a way of drawing one’ attention due to its fascinating attractions. Nature is a well of awesomeness and a shade of colors too. There are many intricate designs such as flowers, landscape, animals, plants, to mention but a few. If you are looking for a way to unwind and relax after a long day, pick up nature beauty printable coloring pages. Watch nature smile at you as you color away!

  1. Phoenix Coloring pages

Have you ever seen the magnificent bird named phoenix? It is a beautiful big bird that has only one of its kind in 500 years. Yes, it is even said to live beyond 500  to 1000 years before it gets burnt into ashes to be rebirthed.Phoenix coloring pages portrays the symbolism of rebirth, revolution, resurrection, hope arising, gracefulness and so on. So, if you are fighting battles in your life, this page will give rays of color and awakening to you. Be a phoenix, color away!

  1. Famous paintings coloring pages

Famous paintings printable coloring pages will bring back to mind historic facts about the painters and their works. If you are looking for a hand on learning and an enjoyable tool, famous paintings coloring pages will give it to you. There are various works of art such as Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci( one of the most recognised paintings in the world), starry night, Sleepy gypsy, Marilyn Monroe, sun flowers paintings to mention but a few.

  1. Zentangle coloring pages

Do you like Zentangles? These Zentangles go beyond doodle arts coloring. These are complex adult coloring pages that are very attractive due to their creative designs. Zentangles coloring pages involve diverse abstract images that give off relief. Such images include; female elephant face, rabbit head, sky, birds, big trees, colorful feathers, tentacles, flying hummingbird, lighthouse, petals, owls,  Zentangles fish, owls, cats and many more.

Pick up your printable and color away!

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