Best Tips to Write a Compelling and Engaging Resume Summary

Writing an effective and incredible resume summary is critical for job seekers. A well-written and optimized resume summary significantly affects the hiring process.

A well-written resume summary will give you a rare scope to show yourself as an ideal candidate to employers. It can also efficiently share your strengths, skills, experiences, and characteristics with the employer.

Before writing a professional resume summary, you must acquire the skills of writing persuasive resume summary statements. With those statements, you must prove why you are a perfect candidate for a particular position.

Learn how to craft compelling and engaging resume summary statements:

ü Investigate the job description

ü Add persuasive call-to-action phrases

ü Make the resume summary memorable

ü Keep your resume summary short and specific

ü Insert industry standard keywords and acronyms

Investigate the job description

The first step of writing a compelling and engaging resume summary is investigating the job descriptions. The significance of examining job descriptions is more than you can imagine. It will also help you to stand out in your resume profile quickly.

You must read the job descriptions repeatedly to identify crucial phrases. Analyzing the job description lets you learn about the employers’ expectations, requirements, and suitable interview question ideas.

The instructions in job descriptions will reduce your stress in showing skills and strengths straightforwardly. Otherwise, your hiring managers will consider your messages as irrelevant and unnecessary statements, which can cut down your chances of securing an interview invitation.

Insert industry standard keywords and acronyms

Use industry-standard keywords and phrases that are compatible with the job descriptions. Yet, you cannot just make your resume summary with trendy keywords and acronyms. You must connect those keywords with the demand of employers.

The preferences of recruiters may vary from one job to another job. However, the importance of keywords in the job description is increasing with the overwhelming job market competition. Moreover, many recruiters use ATS (Application Tracking Software) to track relevant keywords. So, it is a great idea to note essential phrases and use them in an organized way in the resume summary.

First, research the critical requirements of the job that you want to do. Then create a list of your expertise and experiences. You can use these keywords to show your ability from a recruiter’s perspective.

Make the resume summary memorable

As we know, hiring managers have no time to waste on your resume summary. They use a resume summary as a tool to investigate overall resume quality quickly.

Due to many reasons, recruiters review most resumes within a few seconds. It is tough to stand out in that short period. In that case, we suggest you to polish your resume summary. It will inspire your HR managers to read your entire resume. There are many ways to do it.

You can tell stories. Make sure these stories reflect your accomplishments and abilities. Add relevant numbers to explain how you added value to your past employers.

Engage employers with relevant call-to-action phrases

You may be confused after hearing the call to action. Is there any area of call-to-action buttons in a resume summary? Well, there is no official area to call to action button in a resume summary. But you can use the call-to-action phrases.

It would be best if you trigger the mind of the potential employers with the covert call to action phrases. These may include – “details of the certificate included”; “portfolio available”; “recommendations added below”; “project-based scores inserted,” etc., or any other relevant information.

These phrases will inspire your hiring managers subconsciously. Employers want to hire competent candidates. A covert call to action phrase will help employers to find crucial information about yourself quickly.

Keep your resume summary short and specific

Use the essential statements to tell employers why you are the best fit to perform the job responsibilities. Besides, you can also explain your abilities. Keep your resume short and specific to capture the attention of employers in the shortest possible time.

By submitting a short and specific resume summary, you can help hiring managers understand your potential quickly. It will also save your potential employer’s time.

Avoid dirty and murky words to escape that unwanted situation. Otherwise, excessive phrases may create a reverse result for you. That means hiring managers may reject you and extend your unemployed life.


Tailoring a personalized resume summary is a great way to engage your hiring managers as much as possible. Your resume summary should reflect your caliber and competence. Make it specific according to the job description. It will compel your hiring managers to spend more time on your resume. Furthermore, you should pay special attention to maintaining a compelling voice and tone to get a call from an interviewer.

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