Design Tips to Get a High-impact Vehicle Wrap

A small business is hard to grow. Balancing profitability with growth can be challenging and depends on your knowledge of advertising techniques. Knowing which platforms will work best for your idea is critical with the various possibilities.

Wrapping your vehicle advertising is probably the cheapest and most effective marketing strategy for small businesses. It also has other perks like not taking up valuable space that it can use for other purposes.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your vehicle marketing needs with our branding and support.

Advertising in vehicles is a simple way to create buzz around your business. You customize the sticker or window banner and make it look professional. It’s perfect for companies providing local services like home construction or a plumber who needs more customers.

When you drive around, your car is visible to everyone, so it’s an easy way to advertise. Unlike other forms of marketing, people don’t have to do anything when they see it. You can also use LEDs and other graphics to engage audiences deeper.

Vehicle wrap advertising

Vehicle wraps are vinyl decal that covers the entire exterior of the car. They can offer window coverage and promote your business, or you can use them to add colour and bring attention to your company logo.

Vehicle signage is a smart option for businesses of all levels and sizes. You can put on signs cars, vans, utility vehicles and even fleets of trucks.

The price of wrapping a car is different for every vehicle. It can depend on the size, if it’s part or full coverage and what kind of film is used. As a result, we offer competitive rates for signage services and aim to keep the quality of service and budgetary constraints in mind when working with you.

Businesses that get their vehicles wrapped will find that their investment lasts a long time – around five to seven years. However, the lifespan varies according to how the car is maintained and what elements it’s exposed to.

Ready to design excellent signage that will be memorable? You can use the following principles to do that.

  1. Measure twice, wrap once

Vinyl wraps need to be measured before you can fit them. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a quote until this is complete, so if you order the wrong dimensions, it will not work correctly and may look distorted.

When designing a custom vehicle graphic, you’ll want to ensure that you provide the correct dimensions. You are measuring the length, height and width following the outline of your vehicle and measuring across body lines.

Please send us a vehicle photo so we can reference it when designing new signage. Zoom in on each side, keeping a front view and don’t take pictures from an angle. Otherwise, the sign will be duplicated at an angle and won’t look right when printed.

We can make the process easier for you at our Shop. All we need is some rough measurements, and then our designers will shape your car to perfection using the best measuring tools available.

  1. Please keep it simple.

The car wrap design is competitive, so it’s vital to come up with something that stands out – the first two things you want when designing a car wrap. You want legible designs and images, not overly distracting marquees or cluttered messages.

Keep your design simple to catch attention quickly. Make sure it can be read from a distance, so people can understand what you’re promoting. 2 or 3 colours should ensure visibility and readability as a general rule. Avoid using too many colours on signage, as it can affect visibility. Instead, stick to a simple and uniform style. If you already have a brand identity, we’ll work together to design something consistent with your branding and meet your needs.

  1. Be brief

When running a mobile advertising campaign, the key is to get your message across in the simplest way possible – focusing on the main point you want to get across. You don’t want to overwhelm viewers with irrelevant details, like sign placement; keep it simple so that every potential customer sees your advertisement. Instead, they should focus on the whole point-of-sale experience. There they can learn about your product and service offerings.

  1. Use engaging shapes

It’s essential to use shapes when designing car wraps to appeal more to the subconscious. Curved edges are easier on the eyes than straight lines, providing a sense of depth and emphasis needed in any design.

Shapes are a great way to make your content more visually attractive. Different shapes can also be used for other occasions and always stand out. For example, you can make your ad stand out by cropping it in a fancy shape or highlighting a specific word or phrase.

  1. Consider the finished look.

You can alter a design in many ways. For example, you could add or remove a door or window and make it look like you were driving past the ad. This makes viewers feel confused and leaves the impression that your company is mediocre.

If you are happy with the design, view it from every perspective and then look at it as the viewer would see it. Doing this may help point out any critical elements that have been overlooked and ensure that your design communicates what you want.

  1. Choose a suitable vinyl film.

Opt for a high-grade film if you want to make sure your design won’t come off. Low-quality films are more prone to damage and can create an unattractive finish on your vehicle’s paint.

All our materials are resistant to UV rays and can easily handle extreme climates. Our mats and films also come from high-quality materials, so we have an excellent selection for all your needs.

We can offer our clients sustainable marketing materials thanks to our latex printing process.

You can follow the rules below to improve the quality of your ads. Vehicle graphics are a highly effective in conveying your message, so investing in them is worth it.

Ready to take your advertising game to the next level? Contact Brandfixx today.

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