macOS Device Management solutions Intune Vs. Jamf

Compare macOS Device Management solutions Intune and Jamf. Windows 10 or Windows 11 device management is pretty common in the industry. But  Mac device management is not streamlined as Windows. Many organizations have unmanaged Mac devices accessing corporate resources. These types of Mac devices are posing a huge risk to organizations.

There are many solutions available in the market to provide Mac device management features. In this article let’s talk about Modern Cloud-based device management solutions for macOS devices. The main players in the industry for Mac device management are Parallels, Jamf, and Microsoft.

Parallel’s Mac management solution works very well with Microsoft’s on-prem device management solution called SCCM. However, Microsoft already announced the end of support for Mac devices with SCCM. So it’s not a good idea to invest time, money, and energy to asses a solution that is going off its peak.

This brings us to Microsoft’s Unified Endpoint Management solution Intune for Mac device management. Microsoft is playing a unique position here because they have a tightly integrated solution with their closest competitor in the Mac Device management world called Jamf.

Microsoft’s cloud UEM solution is tightly integrated with the Jamf solution to provide enhanced capabilities in macOS management. At the same time, Microsoft is adding a lot of enhancements to their own solution called Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune for Mac device management. This brings Microsoft and Jamf to a unique position. They are partners as well as competitors at the same time.

Jamf is also a UEM solution that is exclusive for managing apple ecosystem devices such as macOS, iPhone, and iPadOS devices.  All these devices including Apple TV can be managed from Jamf single pane of glass console. Recently industry came to know that Apple is using the Jamf solution to manage their devices internally. This information is based on the Apple Job post in which they were looking for Jamf experts.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune is a standalone solution that can manage Windows 11, Linux (coming soon), Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Mac devices from a single console. The Windows, iOS, and iPadOS management from Intune side is feature rich and there is not much to compare in that segment. Intune is the clear winner with tight integration with Azure AD and other Microsoft ecosystems.

Mac management with Intune started with very basic features but with every monthly release, Microsoft is enhancing its capabilities to manage Mac devices. When Microsoft announced the partnership with Jamf the Intune standalone support for macOS device management was very basic and Jamf was there to fill the gaps.

With the new developments and features of Microsoft Intune Mac defacement, you are almost in a situation where Intune can independently manage macOS devices. All the gaps in the feature parity between Jamf and Intune are already filled by Microsoft.

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