10 Trending Home Design Trends For The New Year

There are plenty of interior design trends that you look into. The danger of this may be that you fall in love with an idea that you just can’t quite execute within your home. That’s why we’re going to make an effort to ensure that many of these things that we see trending can be applied to all sorts of homes.

Adding More Natural Light

This is something that you’re going to benefit from in a variety of ways. For one it’s going to allow you to use darker colors around the house without it looking like a haunted house. Also, it allows you to save up on your electric bill. You can add windows as part of your home renovation in Toronto to add light.

Darker Colors In Walls

For years many houses would go with white color walls. It’s only until recently that people have started getting more creative. It’s largely due to our first idea that this second concept actually works.

Embracing Rugs

Rugs have made a bit of a comeback in the last few years. They tend to go well with the different types of exotic decor that many people are implementing in their homes. They can also be a good way to in essence update your flooring without necessarily updating your flooring.

Bring New Life In Your Home

We are talking about actual plants here. There’s certainly a growing trend to be able to use more plants in overall decor. You want to make sure that you tend to the plants accordingly though. That way you won’t have dead leaves all over the place. You also want to limit the amount of bugs that live in and around the plants.

Go Minimalist & Add More Living Space

While some people are going with large old school furniture sets, that trend is probably something you can follow if you have a big enough home. Most people are looking to maximize their living spaces. To do that, reducing the number of items around the house could be a good start.

Dual Purpose Furniture Sets

This idea follows right along with what we were just talking about. If you want more living space be sure to use furniture that can accommodate at least a couple of your needs.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Groovy

Adding Sustainable Elements Around The House

Are the things that you’re adding to your home meant to be there for the long haul? One of the main trends in interior design is making sure that you’re not trying to change the entire outlook of the home every few years. Instead you’re adding features that are built to last.

Water Features That Don’t Use Up Too Much Of It

This can apply to faucets, and showers in bathrooms and kitchens as well as decorative water features. The former have not gone out of style; they just need to be efficient in their water usage.

Getting A Bigger Kitchen

Getting a kitchen renovation in Toronto can be something that really has more of an impact on your daily life then you may realize. Click here to learn more. We’ll just leave it at that!

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