Calvin Hirsch Explains the Importance of Mentoring Medical Students and Interns

Dr. Calvin Hirsch M.D. spent most of his career working as a doctor in the geriatric medicine field. However, more recently, he has worked at U.C. Davis, helping to teach and mentor students who were interested in going into this same medical field. Dr. Hirsch believes that mentoring medical students and interns are very important, especially when these students are mentored by someone who has a lot of experience and passion for the field. Here are a few of the reasons why it is so important to mentor medical students and interns.

Dr, Calvin Hirsch Explains How Mentoring Can Help Increase Job Satisfaction

Calvin Hirsch M.D. says that one of the reasons why mentoring medical students and interns are so important is because it can help to increase their job satisfaction when they finally become doctors. A great mentor can tell their students the good and the bad about specific medical fields. This allows students to determine if this is a field they truly want to focus on, or whether there is another medical field that may be a better fit for them.

Calvin Hirsch M.D. Details How Mentoring Helps Pass on Knowledge From One Generation to the Next

Dr. Calvin Hirsch explains that another reason why mentoring medical students and interns is so important is that knowledge can be passed from one generation of doctors to a new generation of doctors. There are simply some things that are not covered in textbooks or hands-on rotations. You learn these things from working with other doctors who have relevant experience in that field. Older doctors who mentor younger medical students and interns can pass along tips, tricks, and lesser-known bits of information to a younger generation, helping that generation to become better doctors.

Dr, Calvin Hirsch States Mentoring Has Been Shown to Better Prepare Students and Interns For Their Future

Calvin Hirsch M.D. states that numerous studies have been done when it comes to mentoring medical students and interns. One of the things that these studies have shown is that medical students and interns feel better prepared to work in their desired field when they have worked with a mentor. A mentor provides guidance to students and interns, providing them with real-life tips and guidance that can make them feel more confident and secure when they finally get the chance to start working as a doctor.

Dr. Calvin Hirsch has spent a lot of time working in the geriatric medical field. He has been recognized as one of the top geriatric doctors and has helped to contribute to many geriatric research projects. While he has enjoyed his career working as a physician, he has recently retired and decided to focus on teaching medical students. He hopes that the knowledge that he has gained over the years can be passed on to his students, helping to make them great geriatric doctors in the future.

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