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Ventures and new businesses, the two of them set their applications on generally organised online frameworks. Data present in these electronic frameworks is very intricate and needs broad handling to be perused, comprehended and broken down. All things considered, to this, we want mechanical interaction robotization. With the assistance of UiPath Web Automation, we can compute different sorts of undertakings, for example, structure filling, screen scratching, information extraction site testing, etc.

The accompanying points will be canvassed in this article :

What is Robotic Process Automation?

What is UiPath?

What is Web Automation?

Use of Web Automation

Involved: Web Scraping of Google Contacts

Involved: Extracting Data From an E-Commerce Website and putting away in Email

Along these lines, let us begin!!

What is Robotic Process Automation?

The Process of mechanising the work processes with the assistance of robots/programming to diminish the association of people is supposed to be Robotic Process Automation.

Here there are mostly three terms that you really want to get: Robotic, Process and Automation. Allow me to make sense of you every one of these terms individually.

Automated: Entities which copy human activities are called Robots.

Process: Sequence of steps which lead to significant movement. For instance, the most common way of making tea or your #1 dish and so forth.

Computerization: Any interaction which is finished by a robot without human mediation.

On the off chance that we sum up every one of the terms together, imitating human activities to play out a grouping of steps that lead to significant movement, with practically no human intercession is known as Robotic Process Automation.

Presently, to execute Robotic Process Automation, we want apparatuses, and one such instrument is, UiPath. Along these lines, next in this article on UiPath Web Automation, let us get a brief on UiPath.

What is UiPath?

UiPath is a Robotic Process Automation apparatus utilised chiefly for Windows Desktop Automation. This apparatus offers a Community Edition, which is free for lifetime and deals with the component of Drag and Drop functionalities. With UiPath, you can perform different sorts of mechanisation like Excel Automation, Citrix Automation, Web Automation, PDF Automation, etc. Indeed, in this article we will zero in on Web Automation. Check out this UiPath Certification Course.

Web Automation – Web Automation utilising UiPath – What is Web Automation?

Web Automation is a course of robotization through which you can recognize the web components by their qualities and control them in a similar manner. This sort of robotization works with any site, and can likewise be remotely conveyed on different machines in the organisation. UiPath gives an underlying recorder that can pursue and institute online exercises with the assistance of an instinctive graphical work process proofreader.

You may likewise go through the recording of UiPath Web Automation where our confirmed specialists of RPA Training have made sense of the ideas top to bottom.

UiPath Web Automation | Automate Web Data Extraction – UiPath |

This video will assist you with knowing how to computerise the web utilising UiPath.

Presently, let us investigate the top executions of Web Automation in UiPath.

Utilisation of Web Automation

Utilisation of Web Automation utilising UiPath – Web Automation involving UiPath – The top uses of web robotization in the present business are:

Information Extraction: Humongous measures of information can be removed and put away into records and data sets from different sites.

Recording: Actions performed on a site can be recorded to carry out them further from here on out.

Site Testing: Your site functionalities and elements can be tried by the prerequisite of the client.

Report Generation: A report can be created by extricating all information and afterward investigating it on different boundaries.

Application Transfer: Applications can be moved starting with one space then onto the next, based on use-prerequisite.

Web scratching can be utilised for different kinds of site page configurations like JSON, HTML. Presently, what is web computerization? Let us see a viable methodology on the best way to utilise UiPath to perform Web Automation.We will see two active in this article. They are:

Scratching information from Google Contacts

Scratching information from an E-Commerce Website and putting away in email

Allow us to begin with the principal active in this article on UiPath Web Automation.

Active: Web Scraping of Google Contacts


Remove information from Google Contacts and store it in a record.

Steps To Automate

Follow the beneath steps to accomplish the errand:

Utilise the Data Scraping device to separate information.

Separate the related qualities as needs be.

Store the information in a CSV record by utilising the Write CSV action.


Stage 1: Open the Google Contacts page to separate information.

Stage 2: Now, open UiPath Studio and make a Black Project.

Clear Project-UiPath Web Automation-Step 3: Choose the Data Scraping choice from the Ribbon and select the component you need to pick. Press Next in the underneath Dialog Box.

Select-Element-UiPath Web Automation-Step 3.1: Hover the mouse over an information source field and afterward click on the information source field. Here I need to pick the name.

Course Curriculum

RPA utilising UiPath Certification Training

Drift Mouse To Extract Data-UiPath Web Automation-Step 3.2: After that, you will see another Dialog box which will request that you pick the second component to make an example.

Select-Second-Element-UiPath Web Automation-Step 4: Once you pick the second component to make an example, you will get a choice to Configure Columns. In the Dialog Box that opens up, you can rename the Column name and concentrate on the URL too. After that, snap on Next. Allude Below.

Design Columns-UiPath Web Automation-Step 5: Now, to extricate different information sources from the site, click on the Extract Correlated Data choice and rehash the above advances. Here, I will remove the email-id of the contacts. You would see the yield beneath.

Removed Data-UiPath Web Automation-

Stage 6: Once you are finished removing every one of the expected information, click on Finish. This activity would open an exchange box which will inquire as to whether you wish to traverse the information across numerous pages. Allude underneath.

Length Multiple-Pages-UiPath Web Automation-Step 7: To range across different pages, pick Yes and drift the mouse over the area which diverts you to the following page. Then you will be diverted to your UiPath Dashboard.

Stage 8: Now to store every one of the separated information into a .csv record, drag a Write CSV movement into the Do part of the Data Scraping.

Stage 9: In the File Path part of this movement, notice the way of the .csv document where you need to store the removed information and afterward notice the ExtractDataTable variable in the DataTable area. Allude underneath.

Compose CSV Activity-UiPath Web Automation-

NOTE: The ExtractDataTable variable is the result variable that is naturally created from the Data Scraping Wizard. You can observe this variable in the Extract Structured Data action.

Stage 10: Execute this succession by tapping on the Run button. You would see that the information is getting put away in the .csv document.

Along these lines, people. That is the means by which you can remove information from a site. Presently, that you know how to scratch information from a site, let us continue on toward our second activity in this article on UiPath Web Automation.

Active: Extracting Data From an E-Commerce Website


In this activity, my assignment is to plan computerization which peruses the headline of an email and plays out a custom inquiry. In this way, for instance, in the event that my title says LG TV, the planned mechanisation should look for LG TVs’ in Flipkart and extricate the name, URL, and the cost.

Steps To Automate

Follow the beneath steps to accomplish the errand:

Drag the Get IMAP Mail messages action and arrange the movement.

Drag the For Each action to play out a bunch of activities.

Drag the Open Browser movement and notice the URL

Utilise the Data Scraping instrument and concentrate the information.

Remove the related qualities as needs be.

Drag the Write CSV movement and notice the way of recording.

Utilise the Send SMTP Mail Messages movement to send an email.


Stage 1: Create a Blank venture

Stage 2: Our first errand is to receive an email with a title. Here I believe that the headline should be apple telephones. In this way, to do that, drag the Get IMAP Mail Messages movement.

Step 2.1: Go to the Properties Pane of this action, and notice the accompanying:

Port Number: 993

Server Name: “imap.gmail.com”

Email: Mention your email ID

Secret phrase: Mention your secret key

Top: 1 (This would peruse just the first email in your Inbox.)

Actually look at the case of Read just Unread Messages. (This would peruse just the Unread Messages.)

Allude beneath.

Get IMAP Messages-Element-UiPath Web Automation-Step 2.2: Now to store the information from the email, we really want to make a variable. In this way, to make a variable, go to the Variable Pane and notice the name and Type of variable. Here I will make reference to the name as MailMessages and type as List<T>.

Step 2.3: Now, in the <T>, you need to make reference to the Mail Message. To do that, Browse for Types in the variable segment and quest for System.Net.Mail. Under this part, you need to pick the MailMessage. Allude underneath.

Mechanical Process Automation Training

Make Variable-UiPath Web Automation-Step 2.4: Mention the variable MailMessages in the Output segment of Get IMAP Mail Messages action.

Stage 3: Now, to empower the data to be perused for ‘n’ number of messages, you need to drag the For Each action, beneath the Get IMAP Mail Messages movement.

Step 3.1: Next, in the thing segment notice mail, and in the articulation segment, notice the MailMessages variable. This will empower you to play out a bunch of activities referenced in the Body segment for every single mail. Additionally, in the Properties segment of this movement, notice the Type Argument to be System.Net.MailMessage. Allude beneath.

For Each Activity and Type Argument – UiPath Web Automation-Step 4: Now, you need to open the Flipkart site. To do that, you need to drag the Open Browser action in the Body segment of the For Each action and notice the URL in twofold statements. Here I will look for Fossil watches and notice the URL.

Note: It doesn’t make any difference what you look for, since we will change the URL in the subsequent stage.

Stage 5: Now, since our errand is to peruse the headline and afterward look for the things noticed in the title, we need to adjust the URL referenced in the Open Browser movement.

Thus, assuming your URL was as per the following:

https://www.flipkart.com/searchq=fossil%20watches&otracker=search&otracker1=search&marketplace=FLIPKART&as-show=on&as=off, then, at that point, you have change the thing under the hunt boundary and remember +email.Subject for statements. Thus, your new URL ought to be a like thing beneath.


Allude underneath.

Open Browser Activity – UiPath Web Automation-Till Now, you have planned your computerization to peruse the headline of an email, and afterward perform custom hunt in the Flipkart site. In this way, on the off chance that the headline had apple telephones, the planned mechanisation will pursue the title and quest for apple telephones in Flipkart.

Presently, our next task is to perform information scratching.

Stage 6: To perform Data Scraping, you can allude to our past involved and play out the Steps from 1-7.

Stage 7: Now, whenever you have scratched the information and have been diverted to the UiPath Dashboard, you need to eliminate the Attach Browser movement and simply keep the ExtractDataTable segment in the Body segment of For Each action.

Stage 8: After that, store every one of the extricated information into a .csv record, drag a Write CSV movement into the Do part of the For Each Activity.

Stage 9: Next, in the File Path segment of this action, notice the way of the .csv record where you need to store the removed information and afterward notice the ExtractDataTable variable in the DataTable area. Allude beneath.

Compose CSV Activity – UiPath Web Automation-Step 10: Now, to receive an email with every one of the information scratched, you need to drag the Send SMTP Mail Messages action in the Sequence.

Step 10.1: In this movement you need to make reference to the accompanying:

To email address: “[email protected]

Subject: “connection”

Body: “PFA”

This progression would plan the errand to send an email containing the scratched information, to the referenced To email address with the headline connection and the Body be PFA. Allude underneath.

Step 10.2: Since, we haven’t yet joined the document, to connect the record click on the Attach Files choice in this action and notice the way of the document in the exchange put away that opens. Then, at that point, click OK. Allude underneath.

Connect Files – UiPath Web Automation-Step 10.3: Now, you need to go to the Properties Pane of the SMTP movement and notice the accompanying:

Course Curriculum

RPA utilising UiPath Certification Training

Work day/Weekend Batches

Port Number – > 465

Server Name: “smtp.gmail.com”

Email: Mention the FROM email address

Secret key: Mention the Password of FROM email address

From: Mention the FROM email address

SMTP Properties – UiPath Web Automation-

Stage 11: Now, make a mail to yourself with the title apple%20 phones (%20 is utilised to recognize space in UiPath). Whenever you have gotten the mail, return to the UiPath Dashboard and snap on Run to execute the computerization. You would see a mail with a connection of the scratched information. Allude underneath.

Last Output – UiPath Web Automation-So, people, that is a finish to this article on UiPath Automation Examples. I genuinely want to believe that you were delighted in perusing this article on UiPath Web Automation and figured out how to mechanise assignments. Assuming you wish to additionally find out about Robotic Process Automation and assemble your profession as a RPA Developer, then, at that point,

you can look at our UiPath Tutorial for Beginners on Robotic Process Automation Using UiPath. This course will allow you to upgrade your insight on RPA and will give you a broad active involvement with UiPath.

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