Shipping Your Car In 2022

How to Transport Your Car from One State to Another?

Are you looking to ship a car cross country or maybe to another state? Well, read on because the decisions you make in these next steps can ultimately influence the final costs of your car shipment.

Vehicle Delivery Methods

There are two types of pickup and delivery options available that can affect your total shipping costs. The first type is called terminal to terminal shipping. If you opt for terminal to terminal car transport, this is usually the most affordable option. Door to Door shipping is the other option which is more convenient but slightly more expensive.

Here are some of the pros and cons for each type of transport:

Terminal To Terminal: With this type of transport, you drop your vehicle off at a designated terminal and then pick it up at a terminal close to your destination. While this is normally the most affordable transport option, you would still be charged with the task of arranging to get to and from each terminal location. This only really makes sense to do if you live within a reasonable distance from both terminal locations.

With terminal to terminal shipments, auto transport companies are able to deliver large shipments from one location to another effectively lowering their overall costs which is passed on to the customer. While this option tends to be the most affordable, remember, there is the potential issue that your vehicle may sit in a terminal parking lot, exposed to the elements, until a full load is able to be shipped.

Door To Door Shipping: This option is the most popular due to its convenience. The nice thing about door to door shipping is that the carrier will come directly to your home or business and load up your vehicle on site and deliver it directly to your requested destination. Since this method of shipment requires additional road time for drivers, it can make the total cost of shipment slightly more than the terminal to terminal transport option.

It’s also worth noting that some residences or work locations may be inaccessible to some carriers if there are narrow roads or obstructions preventing easy access. In this instance, you can meet the carrier at a pickup or delivery location that is close to your preferred location but still is accessible to the driver.

Choosing The Right Type Of Trailer

Most auto transport companies will give you the option to choose between an open air carrier or an enclosed carrier transport. Both of these shipping methods have their benefits and drawbacks but depending on the type and value of your vehicle, the choice should be pretty clear.

Open Air Transport: This is the most popular shipping option since most people tend to take advantage of the lower rates and flexibility with shipping dates due to the higher availability and volume of car shipments these types of trailers can handle. The only real drawback to shipping your vehicle on an open air transport is the risk of potential damage caused by debris on the road or exposure to the natural elements. These types of incidents are rare however and the risk of damage during transport remains pretty low. Any dents, dings or scratches are typically insured by the carrier just the same.

Enclosed Transport: If you have a more valuable vehicle like an exotic or classic car, this may be the better shipping option for you. This method of transport provides full enclosure for your vehicle protecting it from harsh weather or hazardous road conditions. This type of transport can usually hold but a few vehicles at one time so rates for this shipping method can cost as much as 50% more compared to an open air carrier.

Get Shipping Quotes From Multiple Companies

Pricing is a huge part of the entire cheap car shipping equation, so trying to secure a written car transport estimate here is critical. Listed below are some things to consider when you start looking at available quotes:

  • Insurance: Reputable transport companies will include insurance coverage with their quotes. It’s also a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if the company’s insurance is primary or secondary to your own policy. This way you know if your policy would cover any damages that may happen during the course of the transport. It’s also a good idea to remove any personal items or valuables from the vehicle before shipment. Any personal items inside the vehicle that become damaged or stolen are not covered under the insurance policy so be sure to clean out the vehicle before its picked up. You should also check with the transport company to see if their insurance policy has a deductible for any damages incurred. Always keep copies of everything related to insurance and coverage.
  • Transport Rates And Fees: It’s important to be aware of how these companies determine their transport rates and fees. Many of these companies charge by the mile and the rate can be much lower if there are multiple vehicles travelling to and from these same cities.
  • Delays: Check with the transport company about their delivery guarantees and if they offer partial refunds on shipping costs if the vehicle is delivered late.

Schedule Your Pickup Ahead Of Time

By scheduling your shipment several weeks in advance it allows more flexibility and can lower your overall shipping costs. It also lets you wait for a transport carrier that can provide you with the best possible shipping options at the lowest rate available. If you have the time and flexibility, this is the best way to save on your car transport costs.

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