K-9 Dogs Trained in Deserted Building by Western Mass Police

Brockton's new K9 Woody is 1st city Labrador retriever, narcotics dog

The Western Massachusetts K-9 team assembled for a different session of their monthly dog coaching despite the cold temperature. The Western Mass media had a briefing with the police and mentioned how important the day was being a real-life training event.

Shannon Brynes, a board member of Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog revealed to the media that a couple of times monthly, Western Mass police departments endeavor to come along with their K-9 dogs for training at strategic places. He said, “The dogs will be willing to get out there on the streets with the extra environmental enlightenment they are exposed to in different conditions.”

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The patrolmen of the Amherst Police Department set up several stations for that purpose. “Policemen train dogs to act according to the situation they are faced with after gaining an understanding,” Thomas Clark said.

“Our dogs are trained to seek clues, find evidence, and trigger alerts that could mean just about anything. They are trained not to dig up any object, they are coached to avoid pawing at objects completely. We train them to behave in that manner because we tend to look for weapons in some situations and don’t want our dogs to have contact with them. They might mistakenly pull the trigger of the guns. Besides, there could be DNA imprints at a crime scene which we wouldn’t want them to ruin.” Thomas further stated.

“Dash” the dog was given an order by Clark to “sit” and “seek.” Then Dash instantly puts his nose towards the ground and begins to search for the toy gun that was tucked away in the bush. Immediately he found the rifle, Dash sat down to show he had finished the assignment. Afterward, he laid down just beside the weapon he found with a face looking like he said “hey boss, it is right here!” and Thomas said, “What have you got, buddy?”

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According to Patrol Officer, Matt Fryderyk, “Several police departments look for deserted buildings to coach their dogs. So, despite the cold in this winter season, the possibility of training is very certain.” He also said “They usually inquire around from different handlers as most departments search all over town to discover other places where they can train their dogs. If they can get distinct areas to expose their dogs to, it will serve them better. That is because the dogs are expected to go inside houses. They are ordered to enter different buildings.”

The media also witnessed an exclusive session that day. It was a case of the police hiding, someone, in a room with the K-9 sent on the mission to seek and find. The K-9 was about to give up when he found no one. But after he had sniffed around for a while, he finally discovered the hidden suspect. It was Dash again! He wins again!!!

With a wrap-up, Thomas said, “Good boy! Alright, please, you have to reward my dog for a job well done.

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