Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Guide & Increase Chances of Getting Magic Items

A rather obscure concept kept in D2R is the famous MF, aka searching for magic items, which increases the chances of finding set, rare and unique items. Here’s a guide to how it works and how to optimize it to find more good items.

Magic Find In Diablo 2 Resurrected And Best Builds - Gamer Tweak

One of the obscure terms you’re most likely to hear regarding Diablo 2 Resurrected and its ancestor is “Magic Find”, which translates to “% chance of getting magic items” in French. As its name suggests, it increases your chances of finding magic items, but not only, rare, set and unique items are also affected. There are, however, a few important details to consider if you want to optimize the farming of valuable Diablo 2 Resurrected items to equip your character(s).

Before we get into the details, the most important rule about Magic Find is that you can never have too much. The more you have, the better. There is no real cap or limit, although it is better to aim for 250-300% MF in general. The maximum is not a number you can hope to reach or even approach, but theoretically, the maximum possible Magic Find is +1167%. Of course, privileging this characteristic will be at the expense of others, which will seriously affect your combat effectiveness.

How Magic Find works

If you find an item with a +10% chance of getting magic items, that doesn’t mean you’ll find an extra item for every 10 monsters. And having a +100% chance of getting magic items does not guarantee you one magic item per monster. If for example, a monster has a 1% chance of dropping a magic item, with the +10%, it becomes 1.1%, and with +100%, it becomes 2%. This is why the more you have, the better, you will actually find items of a higher rarity much more regularly, especially with a big bonus. So try to get as many as possible.

  • Magic Find does not increase the chance of finding an exceptional or elite item, but it does increase the chance of items of that quality being magical/rare/unique, etc.
  • The Magic Find works on almost all loot sources in the game, enemies, chests, barrels, bosses, etc. And even the very popular Barbarian Find Items skill. Town betting is the only thing it doesn’t work with.
  • Your Mercenary’s Magic Find stacks with yours for enemies he kills himself only.
  • In multiplayer, it is the Magic Find of the player who finishes off a monster that is taken into account, this means that ideally, it is better to let the player with the most Magic Find give the finishing blow to the enemies as well as to bosses. A viable strategy in this area would therefore be to have one player with an immense amount of Magic Find and the others with none or little. If you’re playing in a public game without co-op, it’s best to avoid MF.
  • The Magic Find does NOT work with runes, it does not increase the chances of finding them, nor the chances of finding better runes.

Increase your Magic Find

There are plenty of unique items that give maddening amounts of Magic Find, like Gheed’s Fortune, but it’s really unrealistic to expect to find them unless you’re farming long term with a ton of Magic Find, and trade with other players. We are therefore not going to list them, especially since there are dozens of them. Just keep an eye out for what you find, and select gear with good stats for your class, and some Magic Find if possible. It should be noted that spellcasting classes have less difficulty equipping Magic Find than melee classes, since they depend on fewer characteristics, in addition to being less exposed to enemy attacks. Some runic words also offer Magic Find, including the very popular “Enigma”, but obtaining it is also not within the reach of the first comer.

In addition to magic and rare D2R ladder items with Magic Find, you can count on 4 relatively common sources to increase your score in this area:

  • Ist Runes: Each provides +25% Magic Find on armor, +30% on weapons. The problem is that it’s one of the rarest runes, you’re never going to find many of them.
  • Topazes: Between +9% and +24% Magic Find (depending on their quality) when embedded in armor pieces, they have the merit of being much more common than Ist runes, which by far the best option.
  • Jewels: It’s very random, but some jewels with the Emerald prefix, and/or the Prosperity suffix give between +3% and +17% Magic Find, it’s not fantastic, but at least there isn’t. don’t be afraid to use them on temporary equipment.
  • Charms: You can find small Luck Charms, which offer +6 to +7% Magic Find in exchange for a space in the inventory. The advantage is that it is possible to have dozens of them in stock without losing too much efficiency compared to a piece of equipment.
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