Westchester County Family Psychiatrist Soils Family Ties

A psychiatrist who spent time treating his friend’s son for two decades is being charged for souring the man’s relationship with his parents. Thus ruining his chances of getting his inheritance. A lawsuit of $1 million was filed in November federal court in Manhattan.

Dr. Boris Rubinstein started attending to Ronald Broden (who was 36 then) in Westchester County child psychiatrist, as far back as 1999. Ronald Broden began seeing the doctor to treat depression. According to the lawsuit, Dr. Rubinstein and Broden’s mother were childhood friends, and the doctor became friends with Broden’s father.

Broden, now 58, claims he felt the sessions with the doctor did not help him. He insisted that he didn’t gain any benefit from the sessions but persisted with them until 2019. Asked why he continued despite not gaining any benefit, Broden said he did not want to offend his family.

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Broden also mentioned that he became reliant on several medications the doctor prescribed.

During the course of Broden’s treatment, Rubinstein would occasionally have meals with Broden’s father, who coincidentally is a psychiatrist. During the period of these meals, Rubinstein would share Broden’s details with his father. Broden insists he never gave Rubinstein permission to share such information.

When Broden decided it was time to end the treatment sessions, he sent the doctor a series of emails to detail his displeasure about his care. According to the suit, In return, Broden got a call from the doctor in which he stated, “I didn’t show you the best care. I failed you. I am sorry, and for that, I apologize.”

In a keenly contested final session, Rubinstein cursed Broden in front of his father in court.

Broden started posting negative reviews about the shrink to show his displeasure about Rubinstein’s service. This prompted the doctor to pay Broden’s parents a visit and share private emails from their son. The doctor also shared confidential details about their son during the treatment sessions.

Rubinstein did this so the parents would pressure their son to delete the reviews. Instead, Broden’s mother insisted that her son’s inheritance would be reduced by more than $700, 000

“They’ve been friends for so long. She respects him a lot and holds him in high regards,” Broden said.

A lawsuit of $1 million was filed in November federal court in Manhattan. Broden hopes this will make up for the loss of his inheritance.

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