Why Every School Should Have Its Own Climbing Wall?

The Benefits of Rock Climbing

From the early age, we humans are drawn to playing. We do it for fun, to engage and sometimes to win. These activities play a large role in shaping us as individual and sometimes adds lifelong skills that we could not have learned otherwise. 

Artificial Rock Climbing Wall is one such activity. It adds a great value to one’s life specially if started in early years of one’s life. From the physical fitness to mental health, problem-solving to stress relief, climbing provides benefits that last a lifetime. 

Following are the reasons for you to build a climbing wall in your school:

  1. Students that participate in wall climbing, show better academic results. A 2008 study done in a US school showed that an hour of extra curricular activity like wall climbing lead to a school wide academic improvements.

  2. Develops Problem Solving Skills. The climbing holds on these walls are placed in a certain pattern called climbing routes. These routes, in climbing training, are referred to as problems. These problems are to be solved using typical problem solving cognitive skills. This enhances the overall problem solving skills of the students.
  3. Develops motor skills, and spatial awareness. If started from early age, climbing plays an important role in developing motor skills and even memory. The climber needs to use both hand and feet simultaneously resulting in improvements in overall coordination as well.

  4. Social Skills. A climbing session in a school atmosphere results in an energy pumped and competitive session amongst friends. They want to cheer each other and still perform better then their peers. This gets them to learn lifelong social skills as well.

If you want to build an artificial climbing wall at your school or education institution, Oxo Planet India is a leading climbing wall builders for school

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