How To Write A 10,000 Words Dissertation In 2 Weeks

Completing college essays and projects makes us think that we have mastered everything and can write whatever our college throws at us. But then comes the dissertation bomb and pretty much destroys all our wishful thinking.

By that time, we learn that a dissertation is the only thing that will lead us to earn our degree and some peace if tackled successfully.

Writing a dissertation is nothing like our regular college papers; instead, it requires comprehensive research and professional writing skills, which is why we can’t take it for granted. Sometimes, it so happens that we reach the end of time and the submission date is just around the corner, giving us tension.

So, the real question is how you can write your dissertation in 2 weeks while battling deadline anxiety? We have the answer;

A 14-day plan to write a dissertation


In the first two days, you have to devote yourself to finding a suitable and easy topic for your dissertation. Just focus on the topics and nothing else. Try to list the topics which you are most excited and curious about.

This way, you will be one step closer to having an ideal topic. Try not to choose a vague or broad topic because you don’t have much time left to write on a broader topic.

Day 3-5 (+1 if you need an extra day)

Once you have gotten your topic approved by your professor, it is time to start researching it. The research needs to be detailed but precise to don’t waste time on useless research.

According to one of the most popular and highly reputed dissertation writing services uk students must not just research topic from the internet. You have three days at hand. So, spend one day in the library, reading books and journals. Spend the second-day taking interviews and doing lab work and finally spend the third day researching the internet. Of course, you can take another day if you think you need a bit more time for research. But, try to manage your time by keeping in mind that you have limited time.

Day 7

Now that you are halfway done with your dissertation, it is time to create an outline of your paper. Outline all the aspects of the paper as you do for your college essays. It is important to include all the essential elements of your paper. Here is what you should include:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Results and outcomes
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography or references

Write your paper logically and chronologically.

Day 8-12 (+1 day if you need it)

Start writing. Now, you have 5-6 days to write your paper. We think that it is enough time to complete the paper and do justice. Here, you will realize that the outline you made was the best thing you could do because now you have to separate your research in the headings you have already made.

You can divide 2000 words each day and still have one day left to write the paper entirely and adequately. Setting a daily word limit will also give you time to refer to your research while typing and save you from getting exhausted.

However, you should decide on a specific writing time to ensure full productivity. It should be a time when you are surrounded with peace and quiet to concentrate on the paper properly.

Keep all the distractions away from yourself, like your phone, food, or books. And before you know it, your 10,000-word dissertation will be completed.

Day 14

Now that the elephant has passed and only its tail is left, you can relax a bit. But after relaxing, you need to start editing your paper. When we write our paper, we write it in a hurry and usually make mistakes in our writing. But, once your paper is done, you can edit it carefully.

Editing requires you to proofread your dissertation and look for any structural errors you made. Try to read your paper from top to bottom at least five times to ensure that it doesn’t have any mistakes.

A good idea will be to ask your peers for a quick review of the paper to ensure that you delivered your ideas adequately. And to get help with your assignment tie up with do my assignment for me uk because for them no task is out of reach.

Finally, since it is the last day, you can prepare to submit your dissertation before the deadline.


We understand that these two weeks were challenging for you, but we hope that our tips helped you in writing the perfect dissertation. Once you submit your final paper to your college, you can catch up on your sleep, movies, shows, and outings that you missed in the last two weeks.

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