Haven’t done my online work for a month, phone obsession

I haven’t done my online work for a month because I’m so obsessed with my phone. I am failing and I have two weeks to bring my grades up. How do I tell my teachers? What do I do?

Hi, I think it is better lie to your teacher than tell them about your ties with the phone is the reason for the low grades. Second, I can help you deal with phone obsession and focus your two weeks on your grades. If you find it difficult, you can always hire an expert to take your class for you and procure amazing results.

What if you lost your phone today? Do you grow calm and settled or do you get restless and impatient? It is obvious that your addiction will help you choose the latter. We spend most of our time on our phones which is not bad but there is need for moderation. There are many things that phones are useful for. The idea of being dependent on phones all the time has always been with the majority. Phones can easily ruin your grades and work flow. If you have a phone next to you as it buzzes all the time and studying for an exam or something like that, it can be incredibly distracting. Here are the things you need to do to cut down your phone usage.

Turn off all phone notifications

Social media can always be tempting and they always steal your eyes whenever there is a pop up and they can be the reason to your addiction. The medication to that is to turn notifications off for the entire day and have some time in the evening to get back to your notifications. There is need to keep your phone minimalistic where you uninstall the apps that take lots of your attention.

Use your phone as a reward

Make sure that after completing a specific task, you get some minutes on your pone as a reward. This will keep you motivated and will increase your productivity. Make sure that you set how long you can go on your phone to avoid derailing your agenda of the day.

Do everything in priority order

It is obvious that doing homework is more of a priority that going through your phone. Studying for your exam is also more of a priority that completing your assignments or homework. This will increase productivity and also reduce the amount of time you spent on your phone.

Know the apps you use more

It is of essence for you to know the apps that eat up much of your study time. Set the time limits for these apps and stick to the rule. Like a cigarette smoker, gradually reduce your consumption and within no time, you will get over these apps. You can also choose to do away with these apps completely.

Avoid downloading games

One game is a disease that easily spreads to another. The app store is full of games an it is so important to avoid downloading these games. It is so difficult to get rid of a game you have been playing and if you think about it, a game that you have not downloaded is much easier to save your time. If it is difficult t stop, you can opt to have an expert by you side. Take my online class for me is never a let down. I find it easy with them.

Limit yourself to charging only once a day.

If your phone cannot hold on for longer ours, this is going to be harder for you. It is a great way to see what things you spend in unnecessary amount of time in. you can also try to go a day without your phone and have some other activities to keep you busy. The first day can be unbearable but as time goes, you will have it easy reducing the Amount of time you spend on your phone.

Find a replacement

Like in the rehabilitation center, they will always have a replacement for your addiction. There are things that you use on your phone that could be available and you can side your phone so that you can save on the time you were out of your phone calculator to the social media. Choose to have a wrist watch, an alarm, a calculator, and a calendar. These things are essential when you are dealing with you phone addiction. You can also choose to have some books that you can read and save on the time you could spend on Instagram and you tube. My replacement of all times has been online classdoer.

Difficulty and unattractive phone. 

You can choose to have long passwords and have your apps in grey scale. That way, your mind will switch and if it were to vomit, it can. You can choose to switch off your phone for maximum productivity. When I want to get productive, I choose to use the button phone without the apps that can easily snatch my attention.

When you know your goal, good grades are what you need. For good grades, your phone addiction is your number one enemy. Treat it as a plague. Good grades are guaranteed once you have your focus back on your books. I have worked on mine and I have just told you what you need to do but these are not exhaustive tips. Along the way you can also come across other ways to avoid pone addiction.

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