Enhancing and speeding learning: tips for online learners.

” All of the top achievers I know are lifelong learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning, they are not growing and moving towards excellence. ” – Denis Waitley.

Learning the knowledge which we are receiving to achieve our academic goals and objectives is very crucial for the learners. We all want to learn and grow in our lives. Different students have different learning abilities. But to learn most of the available content and retain it for a longer period, a good pace and excellent learning skills are required. Let us discuss the tips that will help all online learners to speed up their learning quality and education performance.

Enhancing learning skills: what online learners must do? 

Make notes 

Note-making is very important to enhance your learning skills. In online teaching platforms, most of the study material is in an online form. This is very helpful for proper understanding and making studies interactive for learners. But the old pattern of making notes and writing the important lessons is the best way to enhance your learning speed and quality. Research says that the students who write and make notes by hand learn more accurately as compared to the others. Writing during and lectures and after while self-studying improves the process of comprehension and information retention.

When a student listens to the teacher and writes it in his or her own words, they can retain it for a longer period. It fastens your learning speed as you study regularly while making notes and perform well in your exams. Instructors should teach online the process of note-making.

  • Ask students to listen carefully and make essential pointers side by side.
  • Tell them to keep it short and precise. Not everything needs to be written. Highlighting the important phrases and headings are beneficial too.

Take breaks for rebuilding focus 

Taking breaks to keep your learning pace fast and efficient is very important. If we overload the information and knowledge, the learning capacity slows down and our mind feels a heavy burden. For boosting your learning abilities taking breaks for rebuilding and renovating focus and concentration is crucial. If the students keep on learning continuously, our minds will not be able to retain the information properly and, losing focus, facing stress and pressure is common in such situations. It also leads to a lot of confusion and misconceptions about studies. All these things lead to poor learning quality and academic performance of the learners. To overcome brain tiredness and fatigue, study breaks are important. Manage your online teaching studies as :

  • Create and follow a study timetable. Create it in such a way that learning is also completed along with limited and required rest.
  • Don’t take much longer breaks. A break for ten to fifteen minutes is also enough to make your mind rest and prepare for further studies.

Use different ways to learn 

Following similar and passive methods are not beneficial in enhancing your learning abilities. Passive and monotonous patterns are not sufficient for improving the learning skills of the students. Use the different resources and modern teaching aids available to you for learning. Teachers should also teach online with the help of multiple teaching aids to improve the online learning skills of the students. For learning properly listening, reading, writing, practicing everything is important. Students can use audio clips and lessons to improve their listening quality. Our brain grabs the knowledge more quickly with the help of visuals and pictures. Students must learn with the help of visual tools such as flashcards, videos, modules, etc.

Test your knowledge

Testing what you have learned is very important to improve your further learning skills. For example, if you have learned two chapters of your science syllabus, conduct a revision test of them, before moving to your third lesson. This will help you in identifying where you made mistakes, what you skipped, and what you can do to improve and enhance your learning quality and information.

For improvisation and betterment of your learning skills, testing knowledge is the best way in this regard. Irrespective of the class tests and exams conducted by your teachers, students must practice the process of self-testing and analysis. Prepare your tests, ask your parents to listen to the answers from you orally, check and match your answers from the study materials and textbooks. All these methods are of great help to the students.

Revision and practice

Only one go or one-time reading is never sufficient to learn properly and appropriately. Students should do multiple revisions and rehearsals of their lessons and information. This helps learners to hold proper command of the academic subjects with enhanced learning abilities. Revising, again and again, strengthens the knowledge of the students and also boosts their memory power and storage capacity. Students who revise efficiently can retain the information for a longer period. This means that their long-term memory is boosted. Organize your studies and other daily activities in such a way that you make out some time for revising it as well.

Final word 

The above-mentioned tips and methods will help students to improve and enhance their learning skills and speed. Adopting and practicing these will help learners to perform and score well in their online education and academics. Today, students are available with so many advanced facilities and learning tools so why not effectively use them to excel in academic lives. All these methods are of great help to the learners.

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