Learn to Tie a Tie in Three Simple Steps

The tie is a frill that can spruce up a brilliant easygoing outfit more gracefully. A tie will make your personality an indent in the style office whether you wear it with a full suit or simply a shirt. But many people don’t have proper knowledge about how to tie a tie.

Assuming you need to find out about ties and how to tie a tie, they worry no more. We have you covered for your big issue about how to tie a tie in three simple steps.

Four-in-Hand Knot

Four-in-hand is the commonly used tie knot pattern by the people. Along these lines, if you are supposed to wear a formal shirt with more modest necklines, you ought to go for this tie hitch.

How To Tie It? 

To tie a four-in-hand tie, you begin with:

  • getting the wide end over the limited end.
  • Overlay the wide end under the thin end.
  • Pass the wide end on a level plane over the thin end once more.
  • Bring the wide end up and through the circle around your neck.
  • In the end, bring the wide end through the knot in front. Continue to fix the knot and pull the tie-up to your collar.

By these simple steps, you will be able to tie a tie for your professional as well as a casual look.


The Half Windsor looks like a full Windsor tie, but it is a quite simpler variant of the conventional Full Windsor tie. Whenever you have become capable in this one, it will be easy learning the last mentioned.

Steps to learn: 

If you are learning how to tie a tie in a half Windsor pattern then, put the tie around your neck

  • The more extensive part should extend up to 12 inches
  • Get the wide end over the tight one
  • Pass the wide end through the opening hole while tying the tie
  • Bring the wide end over the tight one beginning from the left
  • Rehash a similar advance
  • Pass the more extensive end through the front knot of the tie
  • Fix the tie and spot it at the middle

Pratt Knot

The Pratt knot is matched well with most dress shirts. Because Pratt now is neither as wide as the Windsor nor as thin as the Four-in-hand. Pratt Knot is even knot. However, it’s much looser to wear in comparison to Windsor. You can use a pratt knot tie for your formals and official looks, or even after your working hours, and you can make it a little casual by loosening it up as per your convenience and occasion.

How To Tie It? 

To tie a pratt knot of your tie, you should follow these simple steps, and then you will be trained to tie a pratt knot.

  • Cross the wide end under the thin one
  • Pull the wide end, overlapping the thin end.
  • Fix the knot in the wake of going it through the hole
  • Combine both the finishes evenly.
  • Get the wide end through the front and fix it.


By using these simple steps you will learn how to tie a tie very quickly and make yourself presentable at your workspace, casual parties.

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