Bow Ties That Every Man Should Own

Some people find wearing bow ties uncomfortable. However, if you know how to wear them correctly, you will have a more unique and elegant look. Men may say they are a bit more quirky and are nerdy ties, but they are also cooler, especially in the heat, because you don’t have anything over your chest. But, if you have to face the problem of hanging ties in your food and having them spoiled, bow ties eliminate that problem.

Black Silk Bow Tie

We believe that every guy should own at the very least one silk bow tie of black colour since chances are you’ll be asked to a black-tie event; it might be a wedding, a gala, or a formal gathering in the evening, and without the black-tie, you just don’t fit in, which is terrible because you don’t comply to the particular dress code. If you don’t want to wear a tuxedo, we think you must have a black bow tie since you may style it with a navy or black suit, and it will give you a distinct look from a standard necktie. This one is perhaps the least nerdy of the nerdy ties.

Velvet Bow Tie

The velvet cloth is particularly unusual as it has a lengthy nap because it is woven and then cut in the centre, differentiating it from other fabrics. It is also a relative of the velour fabric. Silk velvets were originally the most valuable Velvets.

Polka Dots in Navy

These nerdy ties are simply one of those timeless classics that go well with dark suits, sport coats, tweed coats, various sport coat combinations, and casual attire. Most folks have a silk one, but I like one made of wool challis, like this one from Fort Belvedere. It features pointed diamond ends that provide texture to the ensemble; it’s ideal for fall-winter ensembles, and the tones are neutral enough that you can wear it alone or with a suit.

Paisley Bow Tie

Paisley is an all-time favourite design that originated in India. It has been resurrected and utilised several times in menswear and interior design. It’s a type of micro pattern, but it’s just a timeless style that works well with any kind of classic item.

Linen Bow Tie

A linen bow tie is perfect if you reside in a warmer environment or travel to a warmer region. It has a very summery character; it wrinkles in a sophisticated way, it’s usually in lighter colours, comes with a warp, though often in white. Thus, it’s just a soft summer character, and we recommend wearing them with seersucker. You can also couple them with a linen suit.

If you do have these bow ties, you’ll be prepared for almost every circumstance. You may look at orange, turquoise, and even other red and brown tones if you want more.

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