How Many Different Tractor Trailers Are There?

Tractors have been an important part of agriculture since the early 1900s. Before that, farmers relied on draft animals and human labor to oversee their crops and fields. The modern tractor serves many purposes such as soil preparation, planting, fertilization, harvesting, loading and transporting. In fact, their development has been so rapid that there now exist several different types of trailers, especially among agriculture use. Here are some of the most common four wheelers on the ole’ American prairie.

Agricultural trailers are industry revolutionary in that they do not have an engine, and so have to be dragged through a main vehicle such as tractors, or all-terrain vehicles with enough power, like trucks. The primary use of this class of agricultural trailers fulfills the purpose of transporting any kind of waste, land, or products resulting from the exploitation of the field. 

Bathtub trailers are ideal for the transport of fertilizers, nitrates or any other chemical product. They are highly efficient for transporting any kind of material, thanks to the fact that their structure prevents them from falling off the trailer during transport. However, its main disadvantage is its weight, such as the inconvenience of not being able to dismantle the sides of it.  The Cartola trailers, in contrast, can disassemble their side walls, thus achieving a considerably more versatile use when transporting any kind of materials. Their biggest problem is the fact that damage usually occurs when transporting chemicals or fertilizers, so they have to be treated with much more care.

Vineyard trailers are specially designed to transport boxes of grapes through the small streets of the crops, which is why their structure is much narrower than other types of agricultural trailers. Yes, you can dub it the wine-mobile, for short. 

Beach trailers are a unique type of vehicle with a small frame, apart from being light in weight, which allow them to move relatively easily on sandy soils. Its main difference with other trailers are its tires, which have specific peculiarities that give it the precise grip to move on this uneven ground without sinking.

Unbeknownst to the average gear head, tractor trailers are making waves in technological advancement. For farmers, it may very well be the golden age of their favorite motor vehicle.

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