Traces Of People Smoking Weeds 2500 Years Back In China

Archeological findings of 2500-years old buried remain with a wooden brazier, a plant known for its high THC content and psychoactive properties at jirzankal cemetery in western china.

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Radiocarbon dating is a miracle to History unknown.

Being in a new and developing era can be fascinating, but if done with watching your back from where you originated. Archeologists nowadays have started finding out the remains of the past, buried deep down in the ground to find evidence to several practices that people carry forward that time.

There are several uses of several herbs mentioned in several of the ancient data(books, sculptures, etc.)

The archeological fact of people 25 centuries back smoking weeds. 

Archeologists keep up the pace to find new verdicts from the past, yet the part is still coming out with mysteries. It was known that cannabis later 4000 BCE is grown and produced to use for refining oil and making things using its fiber.

Around 2013, archeologists found a site where there were remains of a funeral with.

A giant loaf of wooden brazier with burn marks at the center containing stones.

Archaeological Test and Conclusions

Tests are vital for such findings to be very sure about the date-time, history composition, and properties of a material, determining where it belongs to an unrevealed history or a miscellaneous present.


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  • Archaeologists first determined the exact time interval of the findings through a well-known carbon dating method (a process to conclude the age of a material by checking its carbon constitution and properties).
  • As the whole setup to the team looked like a ritual performed, they gathered the remains from wood and stone the ashes within and tested them under the Gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry technique.
  • They gathered similar wooden specimens from Jiayi cemetery in Turpan, dating from 790-520 BCE, to compare the findings.


Find out here what they concluded.

  •  Through carbon dating, the findings were executed to be up to 2500 years old.
  • A high THC value was found in that wooden brazier; the burn marks were off severe burning through hot stones.

Mainly by all the above tests, it’s concluded that the findings are remains of weed used for psychoactive purposes leading to a discovery about the History of intake of weeds for psychoactive purposes.

Advantage of using weeds

Weeds are helpful for several medicinal purposes; conversely, their stress-relieving properties make them a beneficiary product.

It can lead to recovery in cancer by killing dead cells within you and relieving the pain caused by several treatments, hard doses, and cancer itself.


Several properties of organic things provided by mother nature are still yet unknown. Watching our back guides us on how we can use them in the most beneficial ways. Snake venom, weeds, and several more products are getting themself known for medicinal use with developing science and ancient medical practices.

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