Choosing a Canadian pharmacy for your US prescriptions

In the US the price of healthcare is very high. As such, it is pretty rare for a US citizen to actually apply to a health care program. The reason is that even if they apply for one, most of the time it will be really expensive and the healthcare won’t cover the entirety of the medicine price : at the end, you still will have to pay a significant amount of money. Because of that, a lot of American people decide to not apply to a healthcare and are just prying to not have serious illnesses that will cost them a lot. An interesting fact is that, unlike US pharmacies, Canadian pharmacies are offering good prices for prescription medicines. As such, a good opportunity to pay cheaper for US citizens would be to order the product that they need from an online Canadian pharmacy that fills US prescriptions.

  • Why choose a Canadian pharmacy
  1. Medicine prices are a lot cheaper than in the US

In Canada, each medication as a price set up by the government. As such, every pharmacy will have the same price for the same medication. A review board will be in charge of choosing the correct price for a medication by taking into account the type of medicine, the time taken to produce it and how useful it can be for people. It is not the case for American pharmacies. In the US, each pharmacy has the right to choose the price that they want to put for each of their product. As such, for a same medication, you will have different prices according to the pharmacy that you decide to buy from.

  1. Possibility to order online

A lot of Canadian pharmacies decided to expand their business online. There are even Canadian pharmacies that you can find exclusively on the internet. Thanks to these types of pharmacies, you can choose and order your medications from a Canadian pharmacy that fills US prescriptions. The order will then be delivered directly to your home address. As such, you will have the possibility to order your medications from anywhere and at any time you want.

  1. Large choice of products

With the possibility of ordering online, Canadian pharmacies offer a large choice of products. You will be able to find the basic medicine as well as its generic version. The generic version of a medication is generally cheaper. It is easy for Canadian pharmacies to get these generic medications, which is also one of the reasons why they are selling cheaper medicines than in the US. Moreover, you will have an easy access to any information you want regarding the medicine that you want to buy.

  1. Canadian online pharmacies are all licensed

The Canadian online pharmacies are all licensed to ensure a safe and secure way of getting your prescription medicine. Canada takes health matter really seriously and everything is always reviewed by the government. Because of that, when a pharmacy decides to expand online, special documents are required in order for this business to sell medications. As such, the Canadian online pharmacy will be created only if all the requirements are filled. Otherwise, they will not receive the proper license.

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