Workers Comp Settlement After Surgery

There are roughly 7 million work injuries per year. A worker in the United States is injured on the job roughly every seven seconds. This equals to about 540 work injuries per hour. A work injury resulted in an average of 21 days of disability. Many workers get injured and do not report the injuries, nor do they seek the medical treatment or financial benefit they need to recover. Workplace accidents can result in a variety of different injury types. Sprains and tears are some of the most common injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons due to stretching and overuse. Construction is the most dangerous industry to work in. Construction accidents usually result in fatal injuries due to the heavy machinery and elevated working heights. Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in all of America. Being struck by objects comes in at a close second, in terms of leading causes of fatalities.

An injury sustained at work will require time and money for a full recovery. You will start to pile up medical bills from surgeries or doctor visits, rehabilitation costs, and not be able to produce an income. Due to the no-fault system, your recovery is also limited. You should instantly notify your employer if there are any hazardous areas or parts of your job that need to be maintained. The same goes if you have been injured, please report it to your employer. Your employer will report the injury to the state’s Workers’ Compensation Board and the company’s workers compensation insurance carrier. By law, injured workers are required to file Form C-3 (employee’s claim for compensation) with the Board within two years from the date of the accident. A worker’s compensation lawyer that is experienced handling workers’ compensation claims can help the injured worker with important forms and make sure that other parties involved are being responsible for their portion. There are some ways to formulate an idea on how much you would be able to get from worker’s compensation settlement after surgery.

A loss of use equals a lump sum of money award. The higher the schedule loss of use value, the more money an injured worker is eligible to receive. If an injured worker feels that they will need a knee replacement in the near future, it is sometimes in their interest to wait for surgery before entering a worker’s comp settlement agreement. A spine operation can have a big impact on the value of a worker’s comp settlement. Doctors and the board will be looking to whether surgery on the spine was performed. If an injured worker undergoes spine surgery, such as a fusion, it will most likely result in a higher severity ranking.

The professional legal staff of The Platta Law Firm has handled many cases involving workers comp lawsuits. We have settled over $50 million dollars for our clients and continue to grow that number consistently. Our staff delivers top priority service to all of our clients, while we fight for every dollar that you deserve in your case. Bringing peace of mind to all the victims and families that we represent is what we strive to do on a daily basis.

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