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There are roughly 4500 scaffold-related accidents every year. Out of these 4500 accidents, there are roughly 60 deaths. Falls from a scaffolding structure account for roughly 25% of fatal falls from all working surfaces. Scaffold structures are important in the construction industry because they are temporary platforms that help elevate and support workers and materials during construction. In many cases, if the scaffold is not properly set up, it can be a very dangerous scenario for pedestrians and workers. There have been instances where a scaffold falls and collapses on people underneath. There are also cases where debris will fall off a scaffold structure and land on pedestrians below. Weather is a key factor in scaffolding accidents because heavy winds can knock the structure down or other items that are sitting on the structure itself. There will be a person or entity that will be responsible to maintain a safe site and make sure that the equipment used are well maintained. There are laws that have been passed by lawmakers protecting workers that have experienced scaffold injuries.

The contractor and property owner are obligated to being responsible for scaffolding safety requirements. Labor Law 240 and 241 protect construction worker who are injured on bridges, scaffolds, ladders, and other high-elevated construction settings. They apply to injuries from falls by workers and accidents that involve an individual getting struck by an object that fell from a scaffold. These laws require contractors and owners to bring a safe construction site and to display clear standards of safety. This law allows the injured to sue the property owners for damages. The damages include medical bills, present and future potential wages, and pain and suffering. You may suffer from head injuries, which include concussions to traumatic brain injuries. Internal organ damage along with fractures, shoulder pain, and leg pain can occur. If you find yourself in these situations, a great Scaffold Lawyer will be able to help you.

Scaffold Attorney can be life changing and you should not go about handling this on your own. If you are working for a construction site and get injured, you can also receive workers’ compensation benefits for your medical bills. Workers’ compensation will help cover bills that are associated with your injuries, from surgeries, to rehabilitation. Rain and ice can be contributors to most accidents as well. Some insurance companies will try to give you the least amount of compensation for your accident, they may even claim that your injury was not as bad as it may seem. Often, an employer will even claim that your injury was brought forth on your own and was not a direct result from them. Tough situations such as these, can be very stressful and disappointing. Emotional distress is common, and you need a firm that will aide in delivering justice for your case.

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