New York Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal industry was one of the most stable industries for a long period of time. Only up until the last decade has technology really been able to divert the course of where the legal industry may end up. The practice of law has seen the dominance of trends primarily incorporating personal injury. The trends are due to activism in the judicial system, reforms on the law of torts, and technology.


    There has been more specialization in law. A victim or client will feel more comfortable with a New York Personal Injury lawyer that doesn’t just practice law in a general sense, but a lawyer that that is branded as an expert in suffering a personal injury. Technological advancements have changed the way law is practiced and have made lawyers adjust their normal methods of judgement to specific cases. Granted, there are still typical methods of injuries (slip and fall, work accidents, falling down, etc), but what about if you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft accident? Just a couple years back this was considered a “grey area.” This was an untouched scenario because it simply never existed in the earlier years. Personal injury law comes into play with the lack of insurance policies of these companies. When it comes down to settlement and compensation of some of these cases involving accidents, it just isn’t clear.


Technology and artificial intelligence can and will make tasks more automated, even within the legal industry and how certain firms are structured. There is potential for fewer associates with documents and more strategic partnerships among law firms and legal tech companies. The concept of “work” and “billable hours” may also change because it will be less time consuming, which will affect current market prices.


    Social media has been a major factor in how the traditional lawyer used to draw business and potential leads. New York Personal Injury Lawyers have become more adept to using various social media sites to promote who they are, and to educate the public about their services. Most importantly, social media can help build reputation and a sense of “trust” between the client and the lawyer. Being clever in this space will make something old and traditional seem shiny and new.


Social media also has its many flaws because it can make anybody, including lawyers, become accessible to the public, exposing their personal life. Social media can be used in a negative light to expose a potential competitor in a bad way, decreasing reputation and potential clients. Websites such as Yelp have been a main source of pros and cons for many businesses. Yelp can drive traffic because of positive reviews along with a good rating. Yelp can also drive negative reviews and bad or even fake comments to decrease traffic. It may get to the point that a competitor will even create fake accounts to tarnish another company’s brand.


    The Platta Law Firm, ran by Slawomir Platta, has been in the forefront of many of these changes. The firm is a highly prestigious New York Personal Injury Law firm. The Platta Law firm have been very successful for their clients by being up to date on all potential changes, alters, and technological upgrades to the law in regards to Personal Injuries, specifically construction and work injuries. The Platta Law firm also specializes in car accidents, premises injuries, workers comp, and car accidents. They have been able to recover over thirty million dollars to date for their clients due to their injuries suffered and featured in the New York Law Journal for top settlement firms in 2014. If there is an injury that falls into any of these categories in New York, The Platta Law Firm would be the firm to go to.

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