Job Accident Lawyer

There are many people injured on the job every year. Being injured at work can be one of the worst experiences anyone can go through. A serious injury can lead to your inability to work and generate an income. The injury can also leave you in debt with a pile of medical bills from the hospital and any rehabilitation necessary. The most important developments of the past few years have been expanding workers’ rights, especially in workplace safety. Most injuries that result in a workplace allow workers to be eligible for financial assistance. After an accident has occurred your attorney will be able to guide you in how to seek workers’ compensation benefits to pay for medical expenses. Along with workers’ compensation, your attorney will also help with retrieving your loss of income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Seeking compensation on your own will lead to an unfair monetary compensation for your injuries, or even no compensation at all. Most insurance companies and employers try to pay as little as possible, and in many cases, will not want to pay anything at all. Some employers will also switch the fault being your own and not theirs.

Filing workers compensation claims, making an appeal, and going through the legal process can be very complex. According to the New York State Department of Labor, there was about 200,000 cases of nonfatal work site injuries in 2016. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were 236 cases of fatal occupational injuries which happened in private industries, including, construction, and agriculture. In New York City there was roughly 32% of fatal work-related injuries that were the result of slip and fall accidents. 14% of the accidents were based on objects that fell and hit individuals. In 2017, there were 87 fatal work injuries in New York City. These statistics show how common it is to be in work-related injuries in New York. People give many years of their lives to their employers and with that dedication, one should expect to not get hurt on the job. If you are injured, it can be expected to be well taken care of. Many workers find themselves without any compensation whatsoever. The personal best option is to find a job accident lawyer to help with my work accident.

New York State businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, including part-time employees. If an employer who is legally required to provide workers’ compensation doesn’t carry it, they are in trouble with the state and may be subject to lawsuits from injured workers. If you are an employee of a company and covered under the company’s workers compensation insurance, you are not eligible to sue your employer.

However, if you are an independent contractor not covered under workers’ compensation, you might be able to bring a lawsuit if you are negligently injured at a worksite. If you suffered an injury due to negligence of a third party involved, you can file a third-party liability claim against that entity or person. An example of a third party includes product manufacturers and subcontractors. If you can collect workers’ compensation, you have the right to sue the third party in addition to collecting insurance benefits. Those insurance benefits are usually minimal and won’t help compensate for your pain and suffering.

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