Do you need a lawyer for a dog bite?

Dog bite accidents happen over 4.5 million times every year. In 2018, there were roughly 76 million dogs in the U.S. Every household on average had 1.6 dogs. This can estimate that there were a higher number of bites for the entire year. Dogs that were abused or mistreated in animal shelters may be traumatized, which causes them to attack. It was reported that, 800,000 of the dog bites needed medical attention. The chances of dying from a doc attack or bite is 1 in 112,400. If a dog isn’t neutered this increases a dog’s potential to bite someone to 70%. Heredity, sex, and reproductive status of a dog are just a few essential factors in determining whether a dog will be aggressive or not.

There are immediate steps that should be taken if you find yourself in a dog bite accident. You should seek immediate medical attention because a bite may be infected. Infections or rabies can infect a person if a dog bites you. Rabies is a deadly virus that spreads to people from the saliva of an infected animal. The rabies virus transmits through a bite and can cause fevers, headaches, muscle spasms, and paralysis. If the dog belongs to an owner at a house, this will be considered a premises accident. You will be able to pursue a lawsuit against the owner who will be liable for damages. Contact a top dog bite lawyer NYC to help you with your case.

Children are high risk to dog attacks and are more likely to die from the injuries. There were 33 fatalities in a single recent year. Regarding kids, dog bites are the second most common injury requiring medical attention, next to playground accidents. Many of the dog bites that happen involves domestic, not stray dogs. When a dog attack happens, there are laws in New York that allow dog victims to recover damages from the attacking dog’s owner under most circumstances. There are situations where homeowner’s insurance will cover dog bite incidents. Contact a New York dog bite lawyer to get clarification and assurance that your case will be handled properly.

If you are injured, make sure to gather any witness testimony from other individuals and any police report if they are called. These pieces of evidences will help your case dramatically. You should also take any photos of the attacking dog, and an address or location that the dog was found in. Contacting a professional dog bite lawyer will be the deciding factor in your compensation amount.

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