Construction Accident Lawyer

Everyone knows that construction work is undoubtedly dangerous. Most accidents do occur from height-related elements as well as heavy machinery. Nonetheless, there are additional factors when working construction that either contribute to those larger injuries, or are developing injuries on their own. It is also important to remember that these injuries can be long-term, oftentimes carrying over preliminary conditions into full blown medical problems. An example of these are cases involving vibrating tools, musculoskeletal disorders, and working with noise. 

Vibrating tools may not be at the forefront of construction-related injuries, but they certainly have a lasting effect on those who use them. Often overused during working hours, vibrating tools such as power hammers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, and drills all contribute to a number of medical conditions. HAVS, or otherwise known as Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome, can be a permanent condition that develops from using large vibrating tools for too long at a time or on a regular basis. A construction accident lawyer can tells us that one of the most common sub components of this is called “white finger”, which is where you could see a change in color or numbness in one or more of your fingers. 

Musculoskeletal disorders or “MSD’s” relate to the movement of your musculoskeletal system. This includes disorders having to do with your muscles and joints. The disorder can creep in when workers are performing activities that involve manual labor. Manual handling can deeply impact posture and slew walking patterns. One construction accident attorney has seen symptoms of this disorder, which does vary from age and overall health, but nevertheless found commonly among construction workers. 

Though it may seem a bit exaggerated to suggest that working with noise can cause great harm or injury, the truth is much more grimmer. By retirement, most construction workers will have some level of hearing loss. Industrial and occupational deafness are real life effects of the constant loud noises that occur on a construction site. Acoustic shock syndrome, which arises from unexpected loud sounds, can cause permanent deficiencies in your mental health. Most hearing disabilities can be avoided with proper ear protection, but not every construction sites follows the same rules. 

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