Construction Accident Attorney NYC

Construction accidents happen more often in a busy city. In the case of New York City, there has been an increase in construction sites across the city. Construction often involves heavy machinery, elevated working environments, and many other dangerous conditions. There are roughly 150,000 construction accidents per year in the United States. For a decade, NYC was averaging about 20 construction worker deaths on the job per year. If you find yourself injured on a construction site, there are certain safety precautions that you need to take. Seek medical attention immediately. Often, your body will produce adrenaline and it will mask the pain that you should feel. Gathering information regarding the accident is crucial. You should take photographs of the scene of the accident and any contributing factors that could have added to the accident. If there are any witnesses, gathering witness testimony can greatly help with your case. This will prove that other individuals realized the problem was present as well. If there are any reports that you can gather, that would be a great asset to have for your claim. Your employer should be able to give you an injury report regarding the accident. You should also obtain a police report for your records as well.

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in comparison to other industries. There are many state laws that are in place to protect construction workers. Scaffolding law in New York State hold employers and property owners fully liable when an employee becomes injured due to gravity-related fall while working at high elevations without proper safety equipment. These accidents usually involve scaffolding, hoists, and ladder accidents. When a construction accident causes harm to an employee, workers’ compensation laws will generally apply. However, the injured worker may hold the site owner, general contractor and manager liable. New York Labor Law Sec 200, 240(1), and 241(6) were enacted to offer extra protections to construction workers from the many dangers of construction work. When innocent people suffer injuries as the result of a construction accident, they may be able to also be eligible to recover damages by pursuing an injury claim. Contact a Construction Accident Attorney in NYC that can help you with your damages.

The different parties that could be responsible are site owner, general contractors, architects, and insurers. Moving machinery, power sources, bulky construction materials, and scaffolds pose construction site risks. The OSHA discussed that the most frequent-suffered injuries that workers and bystanders experience when managers take inadequate steps to shield from risks. Injuries that occur as a result of falling from scaffolds and trauma from tool strikes or materials that dropped from high elevations. Electrocutions resulting from contact with high voltage electrical lines and tools can lead to a severe lawsuit with accountability on the owners. There could be impact injuries from collisions with heavy equipment that will deliver severe injuries. Construction sites are private places with conditions and risks that change often. When management fails to make safety a priority, those changes can lead to many types of injuries.

Your employer is required to have workers’ compensation insurance for any potential accidents that may occur. An employer can be fined for not keeping accurate records of accidents or for not having this form of insurance at all. If your claim gets denied, you can file and appeal with the New York Workers’ Compensation Board. Having legal representation can help with this situation in making sure that you file paperwork properly.

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