Bronx Car Accident Attorney

During a car accident, finding the right Bronx Car Accident Attorney can be no easy task. The Platta Law Firm has helped many victims in car accidents in the Bronx reach settlements that they deserve. We help our clients through some of the toughest times and make sure that their families are taken care of. This year alone there has been 196 car accident deaths in the Bronx. You can feel hopeless when such an accident happens to you, especially if you are injured.

The best Bronx Car Accident Attorney will investigate your care thoroughly and quickly with precision. An experienced lawyer will make sure to save all camera footage and have an investigator speak to any witnesses around. Gathering evidence and information are some of the most important steps to take while being involved in a car accident.

Back in June 2019, there was a horrible accident that left an 11-year-old girl dead. There was an SUV that hit another vehicle and it set a chain reaction pile up. Cars were pinned between a retaining wall and the car smashed into it. Some people have to perform CPR on those who appeared seriously hurt until fire fighters and police arrived. Firefighters had to use the jaws of life tool to pee off parts of a car to get to someone trapped inside. February 2019, there was another accident in the Bronx that involved cars crashing into a two-car crash accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway in the Bronx. The man killed as struck as he was trying to help others in the accidents. One car collided with another, then a different one collided with them, and so on.

In the Bronx alone there are more than 11,000 injuries resulting from car crashes. The Bronx is home to many major high ways, with large trucks, high volume of cars, and traffic. The Bronx Car Accident Lawyers of The Platta Law Firm are able to handle your personal injury cases of severe injuries and vehicle accidents. Do not hesitate to contact us, as we have had an incredible track record in recovering compensation for many victims.

An accident could flip your entire world upside down. You may be drowned in medical bills after an accident, become physically challenged, or even have brain injuries. You may also need time off from work to recover, what happens to the lost wages? The only goal the insurance company has, is to give you the least amount of money as possible. Don’t forget, you are worth MORE. With years of experience behind us, we take complicated cases and prevail as victors for both our client and ourselves. Often, these traumatic experiences can deter people from seeking professional legal help. Plenty of individuals going through an accident life event may not even claim or report the accident just to avoid going through a complicated process with an attorney. Platta Law firm brings an attentive, noncomplex, family-like environment to make the victim feel as comfortable as possible to seek reparations.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of an accident, please reach out to us for a free legal consultation by calling 24/7 at 212-514-5100, emailing me at [email protected] or visiting our law firm in Lower Manhattan (42 Broadway, Suite 1927).  You can also ask us questions through the 24-hour chat box on our website. We offer free consultations for all potential personal injury cases. Let The Platta Law Firm be your go to Bronx Car Accident Attorney. We handle all cases in the tri-state area.

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