Is There A Requirement for Criminal History Check To Teach in Australia?

When it comes to education, Australia maintains very high levels of excellence. It boasts superior infrastructure and the best quality of education meted out to its students. The education system in the country includes child care, pre-schools, primary and secondary education, and universities. It also includes several professional training and tertiary institutions. Whoever wants to teach in Australia must meet the necessary qualifications and successfully clear a crime check.

Teaching is considered one of the most stable professions in Australia. Good and qualified teachers are always in demand, especially in the remote areas of the country. If you plan to move to Australia to land a teaching job or are already living there, you will need certain skills and qualifications before you apply for the job.

Additionally, every state and territory in Australia has its own specific set of guidelines for educational establishments. But all these guidelines must comply with the Federal Australian qualifications framework.

Requirements to Qualify For a Coaching Job in Australia

  • Educational Requirement

For a teaching job, you need to have a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree obtained from a reputed college or university. If not a 4-year degree, you can also qualify with a 3-year undergraduate degree in Education together with a 1-year Masters’ or Diploma in Education.

While applying for the job application, you will require several photocopies of your academic records and your teaching degree and certificates.

  • Having At Least 1-2 Years of Teaching Experience

Although this is not a requirement for a teaching job such as a crime check, having a few years of teaching experience can be immensely beneficial. The experience of teaching in a real classroom provides a hands-on understanding of managing students. This also increases your chances of landing a job as your resume becomes more attractive to potential employers.

There are several undergraduate degree programs that include workshops where you get experience working as a teacher. So, if you are a recent graduate, you can list these workshops or seminars on your job application to show your experience.

  • English Language Proficiency

To qualify as a teacher in Australia, you must possess excellent English language skills, both written and spoken. This is important to ensure seamless communication with all the students, teachers, parents, and other school authorities.

Consequently, you are required to provide evidence of ELP, i.e. English Language Proficiency along with your other documents such as qualifications and crime check certificate. This is unless you have completed four years of higher education in any of the English spoken countries like Canada, USA, etc.

  • Teacher Registration

Several professions in Australia mandate registration, including coaching and teaching. After an applicant completes his education, they need to apply in their specific state or territory for registration. This process includes both a child clearance check as well as a police crime check. The latter includes a certificate that lists the applicant’s criminal history and other disclosable court outcomes. This will enable the applicant to obtain employment as a teacher in Australia.

It is important to note that every state and territory has its own authorization agencies and registration guidelines. Below we have listed regulatory authorities of different regions in the country.

  • Australian Capital Territory: Teacher Quality Institute
  • New South Wales: NSW Education Standards Authority
  • Queensland: Queensland College of Teachers
  • Northern Territory: Northern Territory Teacher Registration Board
  • South Australia: Teachers Registration Board
  • Western Australia: Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia
  • Victoria: Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Tasmania: Teacher Registration Board of Tasmania
  • Skill Requirements

Certain skills are also very important to become a qualified teacher in Australia although there is no structure mandate. For instance, it is great to have good communication skills and the ability to build a bond with the students. Additionally, most employers prefer individuals who are focused, enthusiastic, dedicated, well-organized. Besides having impeccable leadership and team-building skills are welcoming dispositions to ensure success in teaching.

Tips for Teachers Looking for a Job in Australia

  • The best time to apply for jobs is in early September. This is typically the time most employers search for potential candidates.
  • Send an email to various Australian states and create a list of all the available teaching jobs.
  • Finalize an area where you wish to apply and gather general living information about the place.
  • If you cannot find a teaching job in the specific area that you want, you can consider working as a casual teacher, also known as a supply teacher.
  • Do not forget to apply for jobs in private schools. You can contact the school directly or keep a regular tab on the Tes website.
  • Make sure to get your crime check certificate before you apply for any position. The requirement of a criminal history check is mandatory in all states and territories to qualify as a teacher in Australia.
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