This is the 21st century and children are well aware of the devices like tablets and mobile phones.  Parents Who want to keep an eye on their child and the location of them can easily rely on parental control and this app helps with the features like setting boundaries for the child, geofencing, limiting the places to be visited by their child, getting the time knowledge at what the place is visited and exited. the current live location can Be easily known by using the location tracker app.

FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents in tracking the real-time location of their child. This app helps the parents in ensuring the safety of their child and even getting the live location of them. Location tracking app helps the parents in setting up boundaries for their child and getting accurate knowledge about the location of them.

Outstanding features provided by FamiSafe parental control app

FamiSafe parental control app and location tracker help the parents in getting quick knowledge of many features provided by this application. The features of this app are written below:

  1. Real-time location

Parents get the real-time location of their child using this application and the exact location is provided. parents are mostly anxious about getting in touch with their children whenever required. location tracker app is the best way to stay connected with your child and keeping an eye on them without actually letting them know.

  1. Location history

Parents who are worried about their children and the places visited by them can easily get the answer from the FamiSafe parental control app. This app shows the locations visited by the child the whole day. The time of visit and time spent there are also shown by the screen of this app. Location tracking services help the children are not going to unsafe and uncertain places that are not visited by them once with their parents.

  1. Geofencing

This is a new technique launched by the FamiSafe parental control app. This is the technique of setting up boundaries for the child for the places to be visited by them in the whole day. You can even set up a time limit for your child for not crossing a certain area without Getting permitted by you. If your child visitor enters a place that is geofenced by you then the parents get instant notification and the child can not lie to the parents About the Places visited by him or her in the day. 

Pricing plans offered by FamiSafe parental control app 

The location tracker app provides the parents with the best features in the most affordable range. 3 types of pricing plans are offered, namely, monthly, quarterly, and annually. the parents can choose from all these apps to the best pricing plan for them. 

Monthly subscription plan

This feature provided by the application helps the parents in getting all the features of the application for a month. $9.99 is the least amount to be paid by the parents who subscribe to the monthly subscription plan.

Quarterly subscription plan

This app provides the parents all the features at a limited cost of just $19.99 per quarter. This price is equivalent to $6.66 per month. The parents can easily connect up to 10 devices by subscribing to this plan.

Annual subscription plan

The annual subscription plan is the most price-saving plan offered by the FamiSafe parental control app. The total price of subscribing to the app for a year Is just $59.99 and makes a sum of paying $4.99 per month. This gives the user the maximum connectivity with the Connection of up to 10 devices.

Free 3-day trial

A free 3-day trial is also offered by the application. This free trial helps the parents in letting know all the features provided by the application and using them limitlessly for 3 days. 






Parents have to become concerned about their child because this whole world is being unexpected. If your child likes wandering here and there then this is the best-suited app for you since it provides the exact and lives location of the child with getting the location history of them. The children can now never skip their extra classes or school without getting permitted with their parents. 

The parents can now easily have an eye on their children and activity of them. Location history is the most brilliant feature provided by the FamiSafe app. The parents now need not worry about their child and can work with a fresh mind.  FamiSafe parental control app helps the parents in setting up Geofences or virtual boundaries created by the device of them without letting them know. Parents can easily trust on location tracker app.

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