Why Desert Safari Dubai Should be on your Bucket List

Desert Safari tour should be on your bucket list because this tour provides almost every facility, which will be needed for the outing at the budget-friendly charges. Like you can experience a thrilling adventure, enjoy unlimited refreshments, free pick & drop, live entertainment and a mouthwatering BBQ dinner buffet in just 35 AED.

Being on the desert safari is the most serene experience one could encounter in the majestic land of UAE. It keeps a bucket full of cheerful maneuvers for a travel enthusiast. From rolling over the powdery soft sand particles to gazing at the starry dark blue sky from the sand bed, desert safari Dubai will take the place of an ultimate bundle of joy in your heart if you visit here. Collect the most buoyant moments to live by here at the stunning natural preserve of Dubai. 

Top Legit Reasons Why Dubai’s Desert Safari Should Be on Your Bucket List

  1.   Quick Means of Transport

Opt for whichever tour package, they’ll provide you a pick and drop service all the way to your hotel depending upon your plan. The means of transport to reach desert safari is either a bus or a 4×4 on-road and off-road car like the land cruiser. The first glimpse of the red sand ocean is another moment to remember while watching it from the window seat!

  1.   Compulsive Landscape

Dubai owns a precious landmark on earth dipped in the hues of mesmerizing beauty. From viewing captivating humps of the Arabian sand dunes to passing by the traditional campsites on this not-no-water-scarce land, there is everything unique a keen observer of natural landscape could imagine in his parallel universe. Get fascinated by the faraway spread limitless sand sea carrying you over its floating sand waves. Wonder where the limit of the skyline lies which seems to meet the highest dunes from a keen perspective. Not just that, desert safari Dubai has a lot more to explore. Just keep on reading!

  1.   Platform for Zestful Ventures 

Experience chilling adventures in the warm arid breeze of Dubai’s desert. You’ll see a bunch of SUVs running over the sand sea. These vehicles are a stunning medium to set you on a spine-tingling adrenaline rush. A delighted day at desert safari Dubai begins with dune bashing in a dune buggy or a 4×4 dune bashing vehicle that takes you hopping over the high sand dunes more likely a deserted roller-coaster ride. Other enthralling sand sports are 20 minutes kick on an ATV quad bike, hopping over a camel’s hump, and a jubilant experience of sandboarding. All these enthralling excursions take place under expert supervision who are trained professionals, there for your guidance.

  1.   A Fluorescence of Art and Culture

The Artistic and cultural norms of the UAE have not left miles away in the city but welcome you cloaking uniquely at desert safari. Take pleasure in the distinguishing music Arabs are fond of, celebrate being in Dubai by having henna tattoos, synchronize with the symphony of the mystic Tanoura dance show which is featured only in Dubai and belongs to the Arabian Sufi culture in which the mystic displays spiritual dance in ravishing colorful cloaks. You can also try out the traditional clothing of Arabia i.e. Abaya and Kandora and click a cheesy snap!

  1.   Inevitable Madness at The Campsite 

Camping in a nomad’s region is another fascinating adventure people attracted to. The iconic Bedouin-style Arabian camps reflect the traditional aura. These bedouin camps are packed with luxurious and cozy cushions and curtains, and up to the mark seating arrangement for the guests where they come to rest after the blasting adventures of the whole day. You’ll find here a set of complete amenities you can expect from the Arabian lifestyle. An overnight trip is a good idea if you want more out of the perks of the desert. After a camping venture counts when the night is young and full of stars!

  1.   Delicious Cuisines

Try out the best of Emirati cuisine in the buffet dinner, set in the desert. Unveil hundreds of delicious Arabian dishes and refreshments and collect ambrosial stories to tell. Enjoy the divine menu from beverages like coffee, gahwa, tea, and juices to appetizers like falafel, shawarma, arugula, and ghanoush salads while enjoying the entrancing belly dance and fire show. A fully-fledged stage for recreational activities is also set for shisha and hukka smokers who make a momentous gathering of laughter and chuckles. There is also a variety of desserts, soups, and hot grills seeing those in the menu will vanish the droughty image of a desert you used to keep before.

  1.   The Placid Sunset

One thing that is beyond magical in desert safari is the view of its spellbound sunset. An evening tour gives you a chance to witness the enchantment of the setting sun. The orange cannonball crossing the boundary of golden sand outlines the whole marshy land in the hues of lovely red. This bewitching prospect can only be seen her in safari blessing your vision with an utmost constancy.

  1.   Discovery of Rare Wildlife

The wildlife enthusiasts and explorers have spotted rare terrestrial species at desert safari that keeps them getting attracted to this region again and again. Upon your visit to safari as a tourist, you can also spot diverse wildlife that is equally fascinating as other natural aspects of this place. The fauna inhabiting safari are Arabian oryx, African wild dog, Dik-dik, Dromedary, Meerkat, hyna, falcons, owls, and a diverse species of birds. Desert safari is a legit home for scant wildlife making it a treasured conservation preserve.

  1.   A Click to Remember

It is a proven paradise for photographers. Just type the name in the search bar and you’ll see thousands of impressive images of this beautiful terrain. It’s a perfectly picturesque spot for camera fanatics. Click your best of desert safari memories from every aspect possible and spread the hex everywhere!

A visit to Dubai can never be completed without exploring the enchanting reserve it keeps in the form of a desert safari. Just going through the entrancing activities and landscapes it keeps is so captivating, imagine how it would feel like standing there in the midst of the marsh, wet and wild! You can’t. Right?

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