Solution Architect: Processes, Role Description, Responsibilities, And Certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a technical credential offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) intended for professionals and beginners who run Solutions Architects and Enterprise Architecture oriented programs. It is one of the most sought-after and highly pursued cloud computing certifications across the globe. AWS Certified Solutions Architect comes in two different levels – Associate and Professional. 

AWS Certifications 

  • Foundational

AWS Cloud Practitioner is a foundational-level certification requiring individuals to hold six months of experience in AWS Cloud. 

  • Associate 

Associate-level certifications require individuals to possess a minimum of one year of experience in solving business problems and executing solutions on AWS. 

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Cloud Developer – Associate 

  • Professional

Professional-level certifications are intended for professionals possessing at least two years of experience in designing, developing, executing, and troubleshooting business solutions using the AWS platform. 

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS DevOps Cloud Certification – Professional

  • Speciality

AWS Specialty certifications require individuals to have technical cloud experience in specific domains. There are six speciality domains: 

  • Advanced Networking
  • Machine Learning
  • Alexa Skill Builder
  • Data Analytics
  • Database
  • Cloud Security

Solutions Architecture And Its Processes

Solution Architects (SA) help an organisation develop a particular product or solution within budget and time. Moreover, they ensure that the solution or product designed meets the client’s requirements and solve the problem for which it was developed. Tasks of Solution Architecture are:

  • Matching Solutions With An Organisation’s Environment

Organisations are equipped with information context, operating systems, and integration needs. Solutions architecture enables organisations to ensure that a solution developed matches or is compatible with the existing environment. 

  • Meeting Stakeholders’ Requirements

Meeting stakeholders’ requirements is the primary goal of every company. Solution architecture is responsible for ensuring that a solution or product meets stakeholders’ needs and demands. 

  • Selecting Project Technologies

The solution architecture’s primary role is to decide which technologies are best compatible and suitable for product development. The product’s technical architecture strategy directly depends on the technologies selected. 

  • Accounting For Project Constraints

Each project is limited to specific constraints, like risks, cost, resources, time, quality, scope, and technology. Solution architecture has to consider all these constraints and make technological decisions regarding the project. 

Solution Architect Role Description And Responsibility

An architect in the construction industry is responsible for designing and developing a blueprint of a building. Similarly, Solution Architects are responsible for suggesting the best solutions using available technologies based on clients’ requirements and existing environment. Their role includes:

  • Analysing enterprise specifics
  • Setting the collaboration framework
  • Participating in technology selection
  • Analysing the technology environment
  • Supporting project management
  • Analysing and documenting stakeholders’ requirements
  • Creating a solution prototype
  • Controlling solution development

Solution Architect Skillset

The AWS certification course for Solutions Architects is one of the most preferred IT professionals’ choices to gain the skillsets required to become a Solution Architect. A Solution Architect must possess the below skillsets:

  • Experience And Technical Background

Solution Architects provide technical advice to engineering and management teams. Hence, they must hold at least eight years of experience working with one or more IT fields, like Business Analysis, Project and Product Management, DevOps, IT Architecture, Cloud Development, etc. 

  • Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial part of the Solution Architect’s job role. Solution Architects are responsible for negotiating with stakeholders, managing an organisation’s risks, understanding clients’ needs, and product delivery. Moreover, they work closely with Business Analysts, Software Architects, and Project Teams. Therefore, a Solution Architect with weak communication skills obstructs the business process. 

  • Deep Analytical Skills

As Solutions Architects design business solutions, they require deep analytical expertise. While designing a solution, they need to think and understand all parts that work together to run the business. Moreover, they acknowledge business processes and corporate strategies that help a company to achieve its goals. They should also comprehend all tech specifics. 

  • Resource And Project Management Skills

Solution Architects are responsible for deciding which solutions are beneficial for a company in particular circumstances. They should know how to achieve business results within the given resources and time constraints. 


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