WKMT – A Society For Music

Our company has not stopped progressing since we first opened in 2010 and now we commend ourselves as being an excellent space to help musical talent shine. 

We are now one of London’s most acclaimed piano studios with unique, professional and passionate teachers who are always available to help others on their musical journey.

Why Choose Us?

When a student decides to join WKMT they will do so with the knowledge that they will be joining a community of like-minded musicians who all want to excel and are ready to offer their guidance and expertise.

We pride ourselves with our extra curricular lessons which allows both students and teachers to gain a greater scope of knowledge within a variety of different music related subjects. These include Composition, Analysis, Piano Technique (Scaramuzza), and Harmony lessons which are live streamed and uploaded onto the website and Youtube every week.

Alongside this, there are many performance opportunities for students to gain experience and confidence within these public situations, playing with the London Amateur Orchestra is a great event that will help build your performance capabilities as well as the WKMT showcase which is hosted to display the students hard work and progression within the studio.

WKMT is an incredibly diverse studio which does not discriminate against any age or ability. We have the tools to help each individual succeed in an environment that suits their individual needs.

Our more advanced students are encouraged to build strong portfolios with repertoire that we have helped produce by recording with our professional equipment so that they can take pride in their musicianship.

One of our unique events that we pride ourselves of is the opportunity to invite some of our students to the music camp that we host in Mondonedo, Spain. You can soak up the sun whilst staying in a beautiful Villa in St Nick Emilia whilst enjoying masterclasses and being able to connect with other students and teachers in a relaxed environment. 

Want To Join Our Team Of Teachers?

Here at WKMT, we pride ourselves as being a welcoming community who are here to support each other with open arms.

Each teacher will be given a personalised rota each week which includes lessons, meetings and events both online and in person to suit their individual needs.

As a WKMT teacher, you are granted the freedom to design your lessons how you please to ensure that they are fulfilling for both you and your students and all senior members of staff are available to offer their expertise if you wish.

The pupils also have the option to contact senior members of staff if they have any questions about their lessons.

Ready To Take The Leap Into Your Musical Journey?

If you are ready to join our community then please send us an email at [email protected].

Or call us between 9am-9pm on +442071014479

When everything is agreed, we will then invite you for a trial lesson to get you ready for success.

Learn today and love the piano forever.

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