Car Accident Attorney New York City

In New York City, car accidents are more common than we could imagine. You may find yourself in a minor collision of a serious accident. Either way, you will need to be prepared to take your next steps in making sure that you are safe and have all the details needed to make your case. If there is another party at fault, you will be entitled to compensation for any damages or harm that have been caused to you. You will need to have the proper legal team by your side to help make your case as strong as possible for the settlement. Back in 2018, there were roughly 230,000 reported motor vehicle accidents that happened in New York City. That is roughly 620 accidents per day or 26 reports received by the NYPD every hour. Car crashes occur in all five boroughs of New York, not just in Manhattan.


The highest amount of car accidents came from the borough Queens. In 2019, Queens had roughly 6,000 car accidents, while Staten Island recorded the lowest amount at 611 accidents. The Bronx had 3,200 car accidents and Manhattan came in with 3,700. Some of the crashes are fatal for those involved, but not all of them. Fatal accidents are on the decline, accidents are still causing a lot of harm. In 2019, Queens recorded 1300 accidents that resulted in injury or death. Manhattan recorded 593 accidents resulting in injury or death. Even being careful, there is still a good chance you’ll get into a fender bender or accident in NYC. You cannot force other drivers to follow the law. You can, potentially lower the risk of an accident by knowing where are certain hotspots that collisions tend to happen frequently. Between 23 and 25 percent of accidents in Queens and on Staten Island result in an injury. 


Everyone who owns a vehicle is required to own auto insurance in the State of New York. Insurance policy will be primary source of compensation after an accident. You will have to seek money from your own insurer under the state’s no-fault insurance laws. Even if you are not responsible for the crash, you are able to seek compensation. Some companies might try to trick you into accepting a lower offer or even deny your entire claim. You will be able to file a lawsuit to receive compensation with the help of a knowledgeable Car accident attorney in New York City. You will be able to recover money from a negligent driver, truck driver, any vehicle operator, or even an employer. Distracted driving involves drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road and are more likely to get into an accident. An estimated 32 percent of all crashes in the city involve a distracted driver. Drunk driving is a major issue in that a driver is totally impaired from driving normally. This results in hundreds of injury causing fatal crashes in New York City every year. Driving when you are fatigued if just as dangerous, if not, more. Negligent driving, such as, aggressive driving and not caring about other others on the road can lead to possible accidents. 


Some injury law firms in New York City will only agree to take your case if you have suffered a major injury. The Platta Law Firm is here to help you fight for compensation, no matter the degree of your injury. We offer free consultation for all potential clients and we can be reached at 212-514-5100. You are more than welcome to visit our office at 42 Broadway, located in the Financial District of Manhattan. Let the proper law firm handle your case and fight for exactly what you deserve.

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