7 Cool Reasons Why You Need a Roommate

We’ve all heard many unpleasant stories of living with roommates and while the thought of living alone in a rental space is tempting, having a roommate has so many pros that they’ll make you seriously consider finding one! To make the process easier and uncomplicated for yourself, you should find a roommate through trusted portals. You could also use one of the many trusted roommate finders, such as Cirtru to help you in your search.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the top seven cool reasons why you must find a roommate

1. You have a friend to share your day with

We all go through ups and downs in our everyday lives, and it’s of immense help when we have someone to pour our hearts to. Likewise, in this case, you have a friend you can confide in, whether the issue is personal or professional. A new point of view makes you look at things differently and perhaps will go a long way in solving problems that seemed insurmountable earlier.

2. You get to make new friends

Making new friends becomes more challenging as we grow older. Nonetheless, if your roommate invites their friends or coworkers, you’re likely to interact with them and widen your network. In the unlikely instance that you don’t gel with your roommate, you might just find a friend somewhere within their group.

3. You’ll feel safer

Many a time, when you’re living on your own and something that you’ve seen, heard, or read disturbs you, being alone at home can make it worse rather than better. Every noise or creak you hear makes you jump out of your skin and wonder about its source. And if you have a vivid imagination, you may end up driving yourself nuts. In comparison, having someone in the next room gives you a sense of security and safety even if you have to put up with their snoring or other sleep defects.

4. You’ll learn more about yourself

Living with another person gives you many insights into your expectations from your roommate and even about some of your attributes that are likely to put off people. You might even seriously consider working on those quirks and becoming a better version of yourself.  In a nutshell, living with someone can lead to mind-blowing revelations that never occurred to you earlier. In fact, it’s always a challenge to try to figure out ourselves, isn’t it?

5. You don’t need to stick to a schedule

When living on your own, you’re likely to follow a schedule since you don’t have a person to share your stories with. You may end up having your dinner at 6, watching TV at 8, and hitting the sack at 9:30 pm. But when you have someone to exchange words with, you’d be more than willing to make exceptions at the chance of bonding with someone new.

6. You’ll become more responsible, financially

When you need to pay for rent and other expenses for something bigger than yourself, you realize the value of money. In addition, since the expenses are divided between you and your roommate, you begin to understand that people are just as dependent on you as you are on them for making sure that the payments aren’t delayed without reason. Once you take a look at the bills, it dawns on you how much more cautious you need to be to save money and the resources at your disposal.

7. You’ll take care of half the chores

When living with a roommate, not only do the bills get split, the household responsibilities like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and the laundry, also get divided between the two of you. This is perfect because it saves time and energy and works towards strengthening the trust and understanding you have for each other.

So, have we been able to persuade you about how awesome it would be to live with a roommate? We hope so. Go out there and find your ideal roommate using trustworthy roommate finders, and you’ll find many reasons to celebrate!

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